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GMB NHS Eastbourne demo

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GMB Protest On Saturday 26th July In Eastbourne On Closures, Cuts, Outsourcing & Redeployments At East Sussex Healthcare Trust

These cuts arise due to mismanagement by Darren Grayson chief executive and his team which has created the financial debt the Trust find themselves landed in says GMB

GMB, the union for staff in the NHS, is organizing a march and rally on Saturday 26th July through the town centre of Eastbourne. This is highlight the latest unfair and unreasonable redeployments of over potentially 200 staff from around the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to other areas within the county without undertaking meaningful consultation with unions and staff.

The 200 staff are employed in clinical administration, booking and reception functions across East Sussex NHS Trust.

The march will start at 10.30am from the Eastbourne Pier, travel through the town centre and make its way back to the seafront for a rally at the Wish Tower.

This follows on from two extremely successful lunch time demo’s outside Eastbourne General Hospital on the issue.

Gary Palmer, GMB Regional Officer, said “This campaign comes as part of the GMB’s on-going commitment to staff, patients and public affected by East Sussex Healthcare Trust’s poor management and lack of consideration for staff and service users.

GMB is fighting every cut, closure or outsourcing threat that the Trust try to force through. These cuts arise due to mismanagement by Darren Grayson chief executive and his team which has created the financial debt the Trust find themselves landed in.

Darren Grayson in arguing against the GMB members, NHS staff, local politicians and public pressure groups, such as Defend the NHS Sussex and save the DGH campaign who are protesting and challenging poor decisions and in wanting to defend services not just at the Eastbourne Hospital, but also in other places within the community such as Uckfield, Lewes, Bexhill, Rye hospitals. Even the Conquest Hospital is facing the threat of outsourcing in facilities management and with the Trust saying it’s also not ruling out doing the same potentially with clinical services. In one recent chief exec weekly news message he dismisses any opposition to his master plan in waving it away as simply the nonsense said by a small number of local people trying to make a name for themselves.

It actually sums up the problem with Darren Grayson that he doesn’t really know what’s good for the hospitals in his care, the people who use them and certainly not the people who work in them, This is because, Mr Grayson doesn’t do consultation, communication and consideration.

So let’s make it clear; we the GMB and its members are about protecting NHS Hospitals, the services they provide and importantly the staff who work within it. The money is there to maintain services within the trust. Darren Grayson just needs to stop wasting large sums of public money on employing so called overpaid experts to do his own job.

All he needs to do is to speak, for free, to the people who can make suggestions on efficiency savings and changes which would benefit patients and services alike, whilst not forcing them to see their own standards of living continuously fall, whilst Darren Grayson and his cronies live the NHS high life.

This fight is for everyone in East Sussex. GMB invite the public to come along to Eastbourne Pier on July 26th at 10.30 am and support local hospitals, the services they provide and the hardworking NHS staff in them. We need them to send a clear message Darren Grayson.”


Contact : Gary Palmer, GMB Organiser on 07552165950 or Charles Harrity, GMB Senior Organiser on 07977518042 or  GMB Press Office on 07921 289880

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