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Thursday, April 3, 2014

GMB Gets Ready To Ballot Members On Nhs Pay Offer As Campaign Events For Fair Pay Take Place Across The Country

Almost 600,000 workers in the NHS will get no pay rise this year and freezing pay till 2016 is simply just a step too far says GMB

GMB events to campaign for fair pay in the NHS take place on 3rd and 4th April as part of TUC's fair pay fortnight campaign. See notes to editors for links to TUC Fair Pay fortnight.

Events are planned at the following locations- contact GMB for exact times and locations.

Sandwell Hospital - West Bromwich from 9am to 3pm
City Hospital - Dudley Road, Birmigham
Plymouth NHS Trust - Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Plymouth all day
North West Ambulance Service

Barnsley Hospital


GMB represents more than 30,000 NHS workers. Following the pay offer last month a timetable to ballot these members is being set. This is likely to put GMB and others on a collision course with the government before the next election.

GMB message for fair pay fortnight is a simple one “NHS workers deserve fair pay because they care for us.”

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer for the NHS, said ‘GMB is preparing to ballot our members in the NHS to consult them on the pay offer.

GMB is also taking part in the TUC fair pay fortnight to kick away the swathes of myths the government and others are pedalling on NHS pay.

GMB cannot ignore the real term pay cut for NHS workers that has happened since 2010. Almost 600,000 workers in the NHS are denied a below inflation pay award and with the rate of the job being frozen for 3 years in total from April 2013. Asking NHS workers to wait until 2016 to start any discussion on real term increase is simply just a step too far.

Secretary State for Health Jeremy Hunt decision to rewards top managers doing the same job for time served has caused anger amongst NHS frontline staff. Some NHS executive’s will enjoy a 2% pay rise this year which will take the average salary of some NHS Executives to around £75,000.

Comparing this 2% rise for some managers just for time served with Mr Hunt’s announcement that he intends to freeze the rate of the job for frontline NHS workers to April 2013 pay rates shows there is something of double standard and choice creeping into NHS pay.”

Martin Jackson, Nurse and GMB NHS Chair, said ‘the message is simple when Mr Hunt said he would love to give frontline workers a pay rise but he couldn’t as a pay increase would be at the expense of front line jobs we are asking Mr Hunt to retract that statement. You can’t set aside hundreds of thousands of pounds aside for managers and yet don’t get around the table to discuss NHS pay with front line workers.

GMB members are not prepared to take a hit on their pay anymore we have had a real terms pay cut since 2010 and now have been told the rate of the job that takes years to achieve will be further frozen back to 2013 rates and we have to wait until 2016 and beyond before we get any catch up on pay in real terms’

Steve Rice, GMB Ambulance Chair, said ‘How can it be justified that a Government can blatantly disregard the NHS pay review body's recommendation on pay when the MP's pay review body have recommended 11%? This is simply not fair pay.

NHS workers deal with life and death every day of their working lives. Every front line ambulance worker who responds to a call doesn’t know what they will find when they get to a scene they look after the public and often put themselves in danger in their line of duty. Our jobs are difficult and yet we continue to be attacked and are asked to just accept and carry on is unacceptable.

GMB Ambulance Service ballot for industrial action remains suspended as further talks continue to find an amicable resolution. GMB members in the ambulance service have already said they are not prepared to wait until 2016 before pay is discussed in the NHS against other attacks on their pay hang over them.”


Contact: Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer 07841 181656 or GMB Press Office on 07921 289880 or 020 7391 6755/56.

Notes to editors

Joint campaigning will kick off during the TUC-led Fair Pay Fortnight that began on 24 March.

visit the Fair Pay Fortnight website for information on how to get involved.

GMB National Officer #FairPayFortnight Blog:  

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