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GMB On Osborne's Further Cuts

Monday, January 6, 2014

If Osborne Wants To Find Further Savings He Needs To Look At Improving Wage Levels, Building More Affordable Housing For Rent And Ending Tax Avoidance To Fund Them Says GMB

Shrinking public services and living standards is not the right road to recovery.

GMB commented on the statement by George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer that the UK needed to find cuts of a further £25 billion in the annual public spending every year.

Paul Kenny GMB General Secretary said, "If Osborne wants to find further savings he needs to look at improving wage levels, building more affordable housing for rent and ending tax avoidance to fund them.

If companies like Amazon are forced to pay proper wage levels this would save billions paid in tax credits to enable working people to make ends meet.

Allowing councils to build enough houses at affordable rents would save billions from the £23 billion per year paid in housing benefits much of it to private landlords.

Ending tax avoidance and the tax loopholes exploited by Starbucks and Google could bring in further billions.

Shrinking public services and living standards is not the right road to recovery. Make these corporations pay their fair share of tax and take his fingers from around the neck of working families and the public services they need."


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