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GMB Protest in Warrington 9th September

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

GMB Protest In Warrington Council On Monday 9th Sept To Say That Over £10,000 Pay Increase For Senior Managers Is Immoral

Council staff have been awarded a 1% pay award following a 3 year pay freeze with pay still below the increases suffered by domestic and utility bills says GMB.

GMB and other trade unions in Warrington council are organising a protest outside the full council meeting in Warrington from 5pm on Monday 9th September in protest at inflation busting increases for senior staff.

GMB is challenge proposals being considered at the full council meeting which commences at 6.30pm on the 9th September 2013. If accepted these will implement a Senior Management restructure including a new pay & grading structure for senior managers.

The proposals include local pay increases up to an amount of £10,275 per year. This equates to a pay increase of between 4.4% and 13.3% for some of the senior managers (assistant directors upwards).

The details of the protest are as follows:

From 5pm Monday 9th September

outside Warrington New Town House,

Buttermarket Street,

Warrington, WA1 2NH

Bob Pinnock, GMB branch secretary, said “These pay rises far exceed the 1% national pay award that the government put in place via a cap on pay increases. So council staff have just been awarded a 1% pay award following a 3 year pay freeze with pay still below the increases suffered by domestic and utility bills.

It seems that senior management are exempt from any pay cap and can be accommodated by an external review that puts in to place a pay and grading structure that has not been consulted on.

Warrington Borough Council have attempted to justify the substantial pay increases by stating there is an overall saving from the senior management structure which has been reduced meaning senior managers have taken on more responsibility.

GMB’s position is that the whole council has suffered a reduction in employee numbers over that last few years, an issue which is a continuing trend.  Workloads and responsibilities have increased and continue to increase for all staff yet there hasn’t been any local pay increases implemented as a result of this.  In fact Warrington Borough Council refused to pay the recent £250 one off pay award announced by the Government instead opting to follow the national employer’s stance of a pay freeze.”

GMB have also raised concern that officers will be slotted directly in to a post even if that means it is a higher graded position, without being put through any competitive interview process as would be expected of any lower graded staff as contained in council policies.

Added to this Warrington Borough Council are also considering further proposals to review terms and conditions to the tune of £250k that will have an impact on our members and all council staff and see them hit financially.

"We are all in it together" Somehow we don't think so!

Staff across the council at all levels are up in arms over this proposal and are questioning ongoing cuts to services which will impact on the residents of this town.  £14 million pounds of cuts this year and a projected £15 million pounds of cuts from next years budget.  Shouldn’t the council be leading from the top?”

We would urge Council Tax payers to contact their local councillor and express there views on this issue.  Local residents are also welcome to attend the Trade Union protest which will take place from 5pm next Monday 9th September.”


Contact: Bob Pinnock 07825 228126 or Terry Mellor 07970 410 905 or 01925 630 095.  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251 823.





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