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GMB Protest Over Police Intimidation

Thursday, October 15, 2015

GMB Protest At Redcar And Cleveland Police Station On Mon 19th Oct Over Police Intimidation Of Protester At Wilton SITA Construction Site

PC Daniel Demoily instructed innocent member to attend police station on Monday to receive a police caution for his part in a protest which took place approximately eight weeks ago says GMB.

GMB and the Teesside Construction Committee are to hold a demonstration outside Eston Police Station on Monday 19th October to protest over an innocent GMB member being intimidated by Redcar & Cleveland Police in regard to protests at Wilton 11 project in Redcar.

GMB and the Teesside Construction Committee has organized a series of protests at the site at the Wilton Centre, Redcar, Cleveland over the discrimination against the employment of local workers and undercutting of the National Agreement for Engineering Construction Industry rates of pay on the construction of a new purpose-built energy-from-waste facility at Wilton. A consortium led by SITA UK, was selected as preferred bidder for a resource recovery contract worth £1.18 billion over 30 years with the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority. See notes to editors for the latest statement from the Teesside Construction Committee on lack of progress in resolving the dispute.

The details of the protest are as follows:

From 5.45pm Monday 19th October 2015

Outside Eston Police Station

High Street

Eston TS6 9JF

Phil Whitehurst, GMB National Officer, said “Approximately eight weeks ago the police pulled this GMB member into a van on the protest line outside the gates of Wilton International. They let him go without charge after he gave them his name and the told him it would go no further.

However PC Daniel Demoily, from Redcar & Cleveland Police, turned up at his home last night (14th October) and in full view of his wife and family instructed him he had to attend the police station on Monday at 6pm to receive a police caution for his part in a protest which took place approximately eight weeks ago.

How ridiculous, approximately eight weeks after a GMB member was questioned on a protest outside Wilton 11 project by Redcar & Cleveland Police and then released without charge, the very same force come to his door and order him to attend the Eston Police Station on19th October.

If this was not bad enough the police officer in question told him in front of his wife and family that he would be receiving a caution on the 19th for his part in a protest and if he did not want to accept the caution he would need to be accompanied by a solicitor or one would be appointed for him.

This is police intimidation of protesters at its very worse. GMB will of course instruct a solicitor to fight this outrageous act of police intimidation

I challenge Barry Coppinger the Police and Crime Commissioner for Redcar & Cleveland to come clean and respond as to why his officers are using such intimidatory tactics and so long after the originally questioning and releasing the innocent protester outside the Wilton site.”


Contact: Teesside Construction Committee Tony Lloyd on 07789 225164 or GMB  Michael Blench 07870 176748 or Phil Whitehurst 07968 338810 or the GMB press office on 07921 289880.

Notes to editors

Statement by Teesside Construction Committee dated 08th October 2015

To All Concerned

At a meeting of the Teesside Construction Committee on Wednesday 7th October we received a full report from members who attended the meeting as observers in Liverpool at the MRWA offices 1 Mann Island on Wednesday 30th September. This along with reports from both our Regional and National officers of our Trade Unions sadly informs us that we are no further forward in achieving an independent full independent forensic audit of the Wilton 11 project which in our opinion will honestly inform everyone concerned with this dispute exactly if the project is being constructed by exploiting migrant labour.

Our main aim during this dispute was to have our National Agreement (NAECI) recognised as an agreement of choice which the client MWRA and their agents SSUK declined, and wherever possible the employment of locally skilled and unskilled labour which we have had limited take up from the employers on the site.

With respect to the meeting in Liverpool on 30-09-15, although Sita SembCorp representatives Andy Stokes & Douglas Annan have maintained throughout that the rates being paid were equal to or higher than the rates applicable in the NAECI for a new build project their position has moved to that of the rates being paid are in line with the CIJC working rule agreement which is substantially lower than the rates that they were constantly reporting to both the TCC and the media during this dispute.

We firmly believe that to establish exactly what rates of pay are being paid to all workers and different grades is to have an Independent Forensic Audit, where an offer from the Unions for payment of such an Audit is still on offer.

This type of audit is consistently conducted on NAECI construction projects and is an accurate barometer of how workers are remunerated and unlike SSUK claims it is not difficult for a company with experience to conduct and is not intrusive to the individuals concerned.

We do not feel this objective is beyond everyone concerned to bring this dispute to a conclusion and until we achieve this we will continue with:

The protests at the Wilton 11 site

The protests at Sita establishments

The protests in Liverpool at MWRA headquarters

Canvassing support from our MP’s & MEP’S & Local Councils

A conclusion is simple to achieve, we just need the truth instead of denial and misrepresentation we have received so far from MWRA and SSUK.

On Behalf of the Teesside Construction Committee



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