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GMB Slams Barry Gardiner Speech Against Fracking

Monday, September 26, 2016

GMB Slams Barry Gardiner Speech Against Fracking

No fracking means UK will rely on ‘henchman, hangmen and headchoppers’ for gas says GMB.

GMB, the union for energy workers, has commented on a speech by Barry Gardiner MP that called for an end to fracking in the UK.

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Secretary, said:

“Britain needs gas. The first fracked gas from America arrives tomorrow at Grangemouth.
Carting gas across oceans is not good from the environment and not good for security of supply in the UK.

Given we will need gas to heat our homes and power industry, the question is therefore where are we going to get our gas from. We are increasingly going to be dependent on regimes fronted by henchmen, hangmen and headchoppers for the gas we need. That isn't ethical and is surely an abdication of our environmental and moral responsibilities.”

Stuart Fegan, GMB National Officer, said:

"It is a nonsense that any political party serious on forming a government after the next planned general election in 2020 could promote a ban on shale gas extraction outright. With our national dependency on gas consumption set to increase in the immediate future, ruling out the possible use of a natural fuel that exists beneath our feet in parts of the UK is ridiculous.

Everyone wants to see the development of renewables and understands the contribution they make towards our energy mix but when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine we need other secure forms of energy to power the sixth largest economy in the world.

This industry is a source of premium, high skilled jobs and supports thousands more as well as the sub-regional economies of the areas where shale is found. More investigatory work needs to be allowed by decision makers so that the industry can ensure we can 'Frack' as safely and as respectfully to local communities as possible in the UK.»


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