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GMB Tell Nationwide & Carillion To Pay Living Wage

Monday, August 3, 2015

GMB To Hold Protest Over Nationwide’s Failure To Pay Living Wage To Contract Staff Who Clean And Keep Their Premises Secure

Whilst trumpeting itself as a great employer and being Principle Partners of the Living Wage campaign the very "invisible” security and cleaning staff are still not paid a Living Wage.

GMB, the union for contract workers, is calling on Nationwide to enable private contractor Carillon to pay the Living Wage to staff working on Nationwide sites as security and cleaning staff. GMB members will hold a protest on Friday 7th August.

The GMB protest will take place from:

AT 10.00AM




Staff employed by Carillion under contract to Nationwide, and who work as security and cleaning staff on Nationwide premises, have been refused the Living Wage by Carillon. Carillion blame Nationwide saying it can’t pay living wage as Nationwide hasn't paid the necessary uplift to do it.

Nationwide is a principle partner of the Living Wage foundation, and has said it wants to help spur other companies across the UK to join, but despite this their cleaners and security staff are not paid the living wage, in most cases, being paid very little more than current National Minimum Wage of £6.50 an hour for adults over 21 years old.

In April 2014 Nationwide's Head of Citizenship, Stephen Uden, said "In lots of companies there are those almost invisible staff who serve you a coffee in the morning or the cleaner I see when I get into the office at 7am. And it is those people that work for the Nationwide that we feel should be appropriately rewarded whether they are directly working for us or not."

GMB's Regional Organiser Carole Vallelly said "The hypocrisy of Nationwide is breath-taking.

Whilst trumpeting itself as a great employer and being Principle Partners of the Living Wage campaign GMB discovers that the very "invisible” security and cleaning staff Stephen Uden referred to, are still not paid a Living Wage.

The cleaners and security staff at Nationwide offices up and down the country are employed by Nationwide contractors, Carillion, and certainly seem to be ‘invisible’ to Nationwide when it comes to the Living Wage.

This is disgraceful, and GMB is calling for Nationwide to not only immediately practise what they preach and pay the Living Wage but to backdate the pay increase to April 2014 when Nationwide gained such great publicity for their support of this very campaign."


Contact: Carole Vallelly, GMB Organiser on or GMB Press Office on 07974 251823.

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