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GMB To Attend Steel Council

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GMB To Attend The First Meeting Of The Steel Council On Wednesday 2 March 2016

We have gone from crisis to crisis and fear for the long term future of the UK Steel Industry says GMB.

GMB will attend the first meeting of the Steel Council with government ministers, UK Steel and other representatives and trade unions to stand up for the future of the UK steel industry. The meeting will look at how to address long-term issues for the steel sector and propose steps to protect the industry.

This meeting comes on the back of 2,200 redundancies from the SSI owned Redcar steelworks, 1,200 Tata redundancies in Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire and over 700 In Port Talbot. Other proposed redundancies in Rotherham, Stocksbridge, Wednesbury, Trostre, Corby and Hartlepool have led to over 5,000 jobs lost over the past few months which has devastated communities throughout the UK.

The steel industry is vital to the UK, directly employing almost 18,000 people in production and contributing around £9.5bn to the economy.

Dave Hulse GMB National Officer said “We are looking for real progress being made with the formulation of this new group. Since the Steel Summit on the 16th October 2015 things have been moving at a very slow pace.

We have gone from crisis to crisis and really need to see action now otherwise GMB fears for the long term future of the steel industry.”


Contact: David Hulse 07971 266157 or GMB press office on 07970 863411 or 07739 182691

Notes to editors

Copies of previous GMB press releases

1 Copy of GMB press release dated 29th January 2016


Members to join protest in Brussels on 15th February outside the next EU talking shop over intolerable failure of EU to take action says GMB

GMB, the union for steel workers, commented on the decision by the EU to impose a duty of between 9.2% and 13% on dumped Chinese reinforcement steel bar (rebar) after considering the matter for nearly a year.

Dave Hulse, GMB National Officer, said “The Commission’s own investigations of Chinese exports show a dumping margin of more than 60% on reinforcement steel bar used in the construction industry.

So the EU decision to impose a duty between 9.2% and 13% on dumped Chinese rebar demonstrates that Brussels is either sleep walking or deliberately allowing the destruction of the UK steel industry.

We need Prime Minister Cameron to get off the fence and forcefully tell Brussels that this toothless action will do nothing whatsoever to assist the UK steel industry.

The EU Commission is now directly responsible for bringing more misery to the industry that has been rocked with job losses and communities that are being destroyed.

This once again demonstrates that market economy status should not be granted to the Chinese But we all know Cameron has different views on that. If action is not taken to increase the duties then it leaves the whole of the industry at risk.

This failure by EU politicians to act to stop to stop the dumping of Chinese steel from a country that is not a market economy is intolerable. This why GMB is joining a protest in Brussels on 15th February outside the next EU talking shop to demand action not endless meetings. See notes to editors for copy previous GMB release on this.”

Kathleen Walker Shaw, GMB European Officer, said “Last November the EU Commission and the EU Council admitted that the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the EU steel sector are under serious threat from wholesale dumping of Chinese steel.

Worker and their communities expect the EU Commission to get it’s act together and take decisive action and quickly. Tinkering around the edges with low level duties is derisory and will do nothing to stem the flood. Duties have to be set at dissuasive levels to protect jobs.

The UK Government bears a lot of responsibility for this failure of the EU to act by placing a higher priority on not upsetting the Chinese Government than on protecting UK steel jobs. GMB members find this toothless action outrageous.”


2 GMB press release dated 22nd January 2016


Members to join protest in Brussels on 15th Feb over intolerable failure by EU to act on dumping of Chinese steel in the face of jobs carnage says GMB

GMB, the union for steel workers, commented on the DWP report showing that just under 2,000 former employees/supply chain employees of the SSI plant in Redcar have made a claim for jobseekers' allowance since October. See notes to editors for copy of DWP report on Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) Redcar closure dated January 2016.

Micheal Blench, GMB regional officer, said “Politicians are not slow to tell workers that their economic fate relies on the market and their position in it. This is not the case on Teesside and other steel town.

The nearly 2,000 steel workers who lost their jobs on Teesside did so as a direct result of the actions of some politicians and the failure of others to act. These politicians failed to listen to repeated warnings of the adverse consequences of their policies.

 It was politicians who failed to exempt energy intensive industries from the green levies they imposed on energy bills until it was too late for workers on Teesside.

EU politicians are still failing to act to stop to stop the dumping of Chinese steel from a country that is not a market economy. This failure to act is intolerable. This why GMB is joining a protest in Brussels on 15th February outside the next EU talking shop to demand action not endless meetings.”


2 Copy of DWP report on Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) Redcar closure dated January 2016.

Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) Redcar closure


The statistics in this report present a one-off ad hoc analysis in support of an end of day adjournment debate on the post-SSI support package in Redcar, at Tuesday 19 January 2016.

Existing published DWP Official Statistics do not include benefit outcomes from former employees of specific employers and are usually produced from data sources that have an established quality assurance process. This report uses bespoke locally created data used to track the progress of individuals and support local delivery of Jobcentre Plus services to them. This source has not yet been verified by thorough comparison with the data sources usually used for benefit statistics. Some statistics are also based on aggregate counts of participants at specific events.

Some statistics are highly variable over time due to the fast changing nature of benefit claims and employment outcomes at the time.

Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) Redcar closure


Jobcentre Plus created a database specifically for supporting the services they were delivering as a result of the closure of SSI, both managing support to individuals and to ensure they had up to date management information. The database was populated with records collected by Jobcentre Plus at open “Rapid Response” information sessions for those people choosing to attend. The database also included any JSA claimant who identified themselves to Jobcentre Plus as a former employee of one of SSI’s supply chain companies who had been made redundant as a result of the closure of SSI.

It has not yet been possible to verify records in the database against DWP’s usual administrative data sources. However, the way the database was created and used means it is likely (for those individuals who should be on the database) to be complete, to have unique records (i.e. no duplication) and be up to date. Some former SSI employees may have chosen not to attend a Rapid Response session because they had been re-employed at SSI, found work elsewhere, chosen to retire or some other reason. For former supply chain employees it is not possible to verify if the database is complete since some people may not have identified themselves as being a former supply chain employee.

This database was used to record JSA benefit activity and some employment and training outcomes.

For some activities it was not possible to have records at individual level. In such cases simple counts of attendees were made by Jobcentre Plus staff, counting individuals on entry to the service and keeping a running total. This applies to the number of people calling the Jobcentre Plus helpline, total vacancies reported by employers and people receiving help from the Support Hub.

Tees Valley LEP is currently tracking the outcomes of the 51 former apprentices at SSI, via the employers who agreed to find alternative placements for the individuals. This tracking information is updated as each individual is placed.

Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) Redcar closure


Between 2/10/15 and 8/1/16 1,940 former SSI employees and former supply chain employees had made a claim for JSA. Of these, 690 had left JSA during the period. Some of these may have subsequently claimed JSA again. Over 400 former SSI employees had not claimed JSA. Some may have been immediately re-employed by SSI, some may have immediately entered work, training or education or chosen to retire.

Jobcentre Plus delivered a number of “Rapid Response” sessions. Sessions are attended by several individuals. Between 2/10/15 and 16/12/15 2000 former SSI employees and former supply chain employees had attended such sessions. The number was unchanged at 8/1/16.

Following the first Redcar jobs fair, follow-up activity with employers collected aggregate statistics of the number of people reported as having been employed as a result. The total from this was 166 people employed.

The second jobs fair on 21/11/15 was attended by 880 people. Aggregate statistics collected from employers at the event totalled more than 700 vacancies.

Between 2/10/15 and 16/12/15 the number of calls logged to the Jobcentre Plus helpline was 5,200.

2,988 people received help and advice from the Support Hub to 16/12/15.

A total of 51 apprentices (including 9 who were about to formally start their apprenticeship) were identified at the time of the closure. All 51 are in education, training or placed with an employer as at 20/1/2016. Most were already in apprenticeships with sustainable employment.

Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) Redcar closure

Contact Point for Further Information

Press enquiries should be directed to the Department for Work and Pensions press office:

Media Enquiries: 0203 267 5129



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