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GMB Vindicated In Lengthy Legal Battle

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

GMB Vindicated In Lengthy Legal Battle

Court of Appeal dismiss appeal in case of GMB vs Henderson 

GMB union today welcomed the decision by the Court of Appeal to dismiss the appeal of Keith Henderson against GMB. In throwing out the appeal, the Judge confirmed that the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision was ‘thorough, diligent and well reasoned’. 

Mr Henderson was dismissed in December 2012 from the union, subsequent rulings have upheld that he was fairly dismissed. Mr Henderson has chosen to continue the appeals process, which today resulted in his appeal being dismissed and costs of £12,000 being awarded to the union. 

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary said:

“This is complete vindication for GMB. Mr Henderson has wasted time and money that belongs to our members by continuously pursing a case which everyone knew had no merit. GMB will never allow anyone to drag our name through the mud, which is exactly what Mr Henderson tried – and comprehensively failed – to do. 

"It’s been incredibly disappointing and indeed quite surprising to see some people using this case to make political capital and interfere with the internal business of GMB. Those same individuals might want to consider how much GMB members’ money has been wasted by Mr Henderson’s pursuit of this case, over a number of years, beyond all reason. 

"GMB is here here to fight for our members, and nothing else. That’s what we’ll continue to do.” 

Maria Ludkin, GMB Legal Director said:

"GMB is delighted that the Court of Appeal has upheld the EAT decision which dismissed Mr. Henderson's claims for discrimination on grounds of belief. Mr. Henderson was dismissed from GMB in 2012 because he was unmanageable and for no other reason.

Mr. Henderson and his band of merry men have taken every opportunity over the last three years to try and smear the name of the GMB, and made numerous allegations which were completely untrue. We are not a union that submits to this kind of behaviour and we feel completely vindicated today.”


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