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Good News At Port Glasgow Shipyard

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cutting Steel For Two Ferries At Ferguson Marine Shipyard In Port Glasgow Is Good News For Commercial Shipbuilding In Scotland

Ferguson order will help secure the jobs of 150 with new apprentices and the potential increase of several hundred going forward says GMB Scotland.

GMB Scotland commented on members cutting steel for £97m order for two ferries for Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd at the Ferguson Marine shipyard in Port Glasgow. See notes to editor for a copy of a previous GMB press release welcoming the announcement of the order.

Jim Moohan, GMB Scotland senior organiser for the manufacturing industry said: “Commercial Shipbuilding has been decimated in Scotland and without the vision of entrepreneur Jim McColl and assistance from the Scottish Government it would have totally collapsed.

This order will help secure the jobs of 150 on site with a potential increase of several hundred going forward.  The company are also engaging Apprentices to enhance the skill factor at the yard.

There is also heavy capital investment in the infrastructure at the site to make it a modern facility going forward well into the 21st century.”


Contact: Jim Moohan on 07885 868405 or 0141 332 8641 or GMB press office on 07321 289880 or 07974 251 823 or 07970 863411

Notes to Editors

1 GMB press release dated Wednesday 2 September 2015

GMB Welcome £97 Million Contract At Ferguson Marine As It Signals The Return Of Commercial Shipbuilding In Scotland

In time this will increase the workforce by several hundred with the opportunity by 2020 that they could expand beyond 1,000 plus says GMB Scotland

GMB Scotland, the union for shipbuilding workers, welcomed a £97m order at Ferguson Marine and says commercial shipbuilding has finally returned to the Lower Reaches of Clydeside in Scotland.

Jim Moohan, GMB Scotland Senior Organiser and Chair of the Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions (CSEU), said "That from a position just over a year ago in 2013 of closure Ferguson's have now secured and signalled the return of commercial shipbuilding in Scotland.

The intervention by Jim McColl to invest in the yard alongside a vision and a strategy in our view has opened the market into commercial shipbuilding, which had been deemed a lost cause over the past few decades.

It is vital that Mr McColl is given total support by the Scottish Government to ensure that we can broaden our horizons into the European commercial marine market and seek job opportunities.

It has taken the confidence and commitment by Mr McColl alongside a dedicated workforce which has resulted in them being the preferred bidder for 2 Calmac ferries which each will be over 100 meters plus in length.

This supports the apprentices who have been taken on at the site to ensure that there is a long term skill factor in place to support the Company when they seek further contracts.

In time this will increase the workforce by several hundred with the opportunity by 2020 that they could expand beyond 1,000 plus.

It highlights once again that there is a willingness by an individual and a Government which supports the industry coming together with workers and working as one for a future of Scotland's shipbuilding and manufacturing base."


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