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Government Not Serious On Exploitation

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Government’s New Measures On Migration Are More About Grabbing News Headlines Than Tackling Exploitation In The Labour Market

The only effective approach on tackling exploitation in the labour market is – don’t blame the exploited; damn those who exploit, and Government are deliberately not doing that says GMB.

GMB commented on the new announcement by Government to tackle exploitation in the labour market.

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB National Officer, said “This announcement of new measures is more about grabbing news headlines than tackling exploitation.

The only effective approach on tackling exploitation in the labour market is – don’t blame the exploited; damn those who exploit.

The tiny numbers of employers prosecuted shows the Government is not serious on this.

If the Government was serious about tackling exploitation in the labour market they would adopt the recommendation of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe that the Gangmaster’s Licencing Authority (GLA) enforcement authority should be extended to cover construction, domestic work, care, hospitality and other sectors like private hire where criminal gangsters hide behind agencies and other limited liability companies to organize exploitation on an industrial scale.

The true Tory Party position on tackling exploitation was summed up in 2012 in a government-commissioned report by Adrian Beecroft on revising employment regulation. Beecroft recommended the abolition of the GLA arguing that it imposed "a considerable financial and administrative burden " and concluded, against all the evidence, that "it is hard to believe that the Health and Safety Executive and the normal processes of the law would not achieve a similar result at far less cost” than the GLA”.

In November 2014 the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers Unions (EFBWW) said that all over Europe there are labour agencies exploiting posted workers estimating that approximately one million workers are exploited as posted workers annually.

EFBWW went on to say that although the problem is well known at European level there is not enough interest to resolve the problem adding that statements by President of the European Commission Mr Juncer that social dumping will be combated have led to no effective measures being taken,

EFBWW said that instead of supporting member states to strengthen controls and close well known legal and administrative loopholes the Commission was doing the exact opposite to weaken national controls which facilitate these scandalous practices.

The Tory Party is being two faced on this. It knows that the EU reform/better regulation measures announced on 19th May as a way of getting rid of “red tape” are the mechanisms to be used to secure the changes to social and employment rights that are central to Tory/ CBI reform re-negotiations ahead of the EU referendum.

Across the length and breadth of the land people know that there is undercutting of wages and conditions by employers exploiting agency labour recruited from poorer areas of Europe.

On Teesside, for example, an employer insists that the 1 in 10 of the predominately migrant workforce who are required to speaks English are identified by a UK flag sticker on their hard hats while paying them £5 per hour below agreed rates for construction workers.

Reforms are badly needed to stop this exploitation.

If what David Cameron brings back from the re-negotiations tilts the balance even further away from standards for workers, as the CBI wants, many organizations traditionally in favour will campaign for a No vote.”


Contact: Kamaljeet Jandu GMB National Officer, 07956 237178 or Kathleen Walker Shaw GMB EU officer 07841 181549 or GMB political officers Cath Speight 07506 711 925 or Lisa Johnson 07900 392 228 or Gary Doolan 07590 262504  or GMB press office 07921 289880 or 07974 251 823



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