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Hampshire Protest To Support Elderly Residents

Friday, July 10, 2015

GMB Plan Protest In Hampshire To Support Elderly Residents Facing Unjustified Service Charge And Back Door Attempts To Raise Rents

There is no way Aster Communities can justify charging £59.75 per hour for a member of staff  to attend Wakeford Court and they must moderate it says GMB.

GMB is planning to stage a protest demonstration in Romsey to call on Aster Communities Group to moderate an unjustified enhanced housing management service charge of £25 per week levied on 39 elderly tenants in Wakeford Court, Romsey in Hampshire and to withdraw a monthly charge of £16.90 from 1st July 2015 for pull cord system that has been included in the rent.

The £25 in included in the total weekly rent of £121.29 introduced from 1st April 2015. The rent component was then reduced but residents are being asked to pay an additional £7.66 per week new money as an “enhanced housing management service charge”.

This additional amount paid by 39 tenants brings in £298.75 per week and £15,534.48 per year. In return the tenants get a member of Aster Communities to attend Wakeford Count for one hour per day during the 5 weekdays. That is a charge of £59.75 per hour for the attendance of this person.

Paul Maloney, GMB Southern Regional Secretary, said “GMB is planning to protest in support of these elderly tenants some of whom are retired GMB members.

Aster Communities must moderate these charges and stop other attempts to extract more monies from the tenants and from taxpayers for those eligible for housing benefits.

There is no way Aster Communities can justify charging £59.75 per hour for the attendance of a member of their staff in Wakeford Court and they must moderate it.

The £16.90 monthly charge for the pull cord system has always been part of the rent. The new charge from 1st July is just a ruse to squeeze more money from vulnerable people and there is no way Aster can justify it.”


 Contact: Peter Penrose 07502 481971 or 07757 679135 or GMB press office 07971 289880

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