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Herts CC Should Look To Save Money

Friday, February 13, 2015

GMB Call On Hertfordshire CC To Look At More Cost Effective Options To The Up To £80m Contract With Carlisle Staffing PLC For Temporary Staff

Hertfordshire County Council should examine filling temporary vacancies more cost effectively by an in-house operation at this time of great austerity says GMB.

GMB, the union for staff in public services, is writing to Hertfordshire County Council asking that the council at the time of austerity look at more cost effective alternatives to a contract worth up to £80 million with US Employment Agency Carlisle Staffing Plc to supply temporary staff for five years from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2018.

According to data GMB has seen from the East of England Local Government Association there is an £80,000,000 contract between Hertfordshire County Council for Managed Service for Temporary Staff Recruitment with Carlisle Staffing PLC. The contract lists Human Resources as the service and is listed as on the East of England Contracts Register as HCC1104471.

Warren Kenny, GMB Senior Organiser, says “Hertfordshire County Council should examine filling vacancies for temporary staff more cost effectively at this time of great austerity. An in house operation could be a lot cheaper than the up to £80m contract with Carlisle Staffing Plc.

GMB has practical experience in other large authorities in dealing with fluctuating demands for temporary staff to fill vacancies arising from holidays, labour turnover, sickness and other reasons. There are many number of ways of going about this more cost effectively. We call on Hertfordshire to enter into dialogue with the workforce and all unions on this matter.

In March 2011 the council begun consultation and eventually secured a range of significant cuts to staff terms and conditions including sick pay, leave, weekend working, overtime and shift allowances for all council staff  including school support staff.

This was part of the cuts to meet the expected £200 million shortfall in their budgets over the  4 years from 2011  to  2015.

In December, Hertfordshire County Council said it was seeking more than £23 million in cuts in the budget for 2014/15. This includes a £4.4 million cut to adult care and £650,000 on community safety and planning.

Finding savings on this contract with Carlisle Staffing should be a priority to maintain services that are essential to residents in the county.”


Contact: Richard O’Leary 07710 631 347 or Warren Kenny 07843 632 394 or Gary Doolan 07852 182 358


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