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Hinkley Point C 400 Job Losses

Thursday, April 2, 2015

45 Day Consultations To Begin On 400 Job Losses On Hinkley Point Project In Somerset And London

On energy policy we have “too many jockeys on the horse"giving rise the needless delays and threatening existing and projected new power stations says GMB.

GMB, the union for construction workers and energy workers, commented on the latest statement issued by EDF on the Hinkley Point C project. See notes to editors for copy of EDF statement dated 1st April.

Phil Whitehurst, GMB National Officer for construction, said “The news from the French Government owned utility company EDF, that a 45 day consultation for redundancy will start regarding 400 employees on Hinkley Point C project is devastating.

The problem seems to be the stalled Final Investment Decision (FID), but with billions of pounds already spent by EDF on the project, it beggars belief that this decision was not made last year never mind this by the French Government!

Let us not forget that this is the second time this process has been initiated by EDF. Questions now need to be answered by the French Government owned company whether they will complete the new build. Because the expected collapse of the licensed reactor manufacturer AREVA due to financial problems, and the Chinese investors coming into the equation with ever increasing demands, it looks uncertain now that EDF can categorically guarantee this project will proceed under their leadership! GMB most certainly hope that it will do so.

This should now be a wake up call for the next UK Government to take charge, and manage the failing Energy policy that we now have in place. We cannot tolerate our energy New Build destiny being managed by companies who are in such disarray on funding when so deep into a projects development. If we do then the lights will surely go out."

Gary Smith, GMB National Secretary for Energy, said “On energy policy in the UK we have “too many jockeys on the horse”. This is giving rise the needless delays and is threatening existing and projected new power stations.

Longannet is under threat of closure, there are funding problems at the projected Trafford gas fired plant and now this delay at Hinkley Point C. 

The next Government has to take hold of the reins and firmly steer the sector to deliver the capacity needed to keep the lights on.”

Contact:  Gary Smith 07710 618909 or Phil Whitehurst 07966 338810 or Kathleen Walker Shaw 07841 181549 or GMB press office 079212 89880 or 07974 251 823

Notes to editors

Copy of update from EDF on Hinkley Point update - 1 April 2015

HPC Project Update

Dear Colleague,

EDF Energy will be issuing the following update on the HPC project to the media today:

“EDF Energy and the UK Government have made good progress on the work to finalise the agreements which will enable a final investment decision in the coming months for the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. There has also been continuing positive progress with future investment partners in the project.

EDF Energy has carried out extensive work with its contract partners to make the Hinkley Point C project ready for a final investment decision. The company has invested significantly in a series of preparatory activities including site preparations (earthworks, drainage works and culvert construction, concrete production facilities and welfare facilities) and roadworks.

These works are now nearing completion. EDF Energy will complete roadworks currently in progress at Taunton Rd/Broadway in Bridgwater, the Washford Cross roundabout in West Somerset and the Cannington bypass. The next phase of work on site and in the associated developments will require a substantial increase in spending levels, and will begin as soon as the final investment decision has been made.

In the meantime work to ensure the project’s readiness will continue, including project planning, engineering design and commercial supply chain activities.” 

Clearly this announcement has practical implications for people engaged in activities throughout NNB, but especially for contractors working on site and we are working with our contractor and trade union partners to manage these. 

During this time our focus across NNB should be on doing everything we can to bring our spend rate down whilst prioritising those activities that help deliver HPC FID and de-risk the project. Key areas of ongoing activity will be:

Solving the remaining challenges to enable FID

Establishing the systems and governance necessary for the efficient operation of HPC

Stabilising the integrated work schedule (IWS)

Implementing the Employment Affairs Unit on site to support the people and skills arrangements for construction

Setting up the engineering command centre and getting ready to focus on the delivery and construction command centres post-fid

Preparing the DCO process for SZC 

The NNB Questions inbox is already up and running which you can email with any questions you may have. The address is


Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson

Managing Director

Nuclear New Build




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