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GMB Says Proper Home-grown Energy Supply Would Be Cheaper Alternative to Hinkley-style Funding

Friday, June 23, 2017


It’s beyond stupid for the UK to rely on foreign Governments and companies to keep our lights on.

GMB, the union for energy workers, has said a proper home-grown, publically funded energy supply would be a cheaper alternative to another Hinkley Point C style funding arrangement.

The union’s comments come after the NAO published a report describing the £18 billion reactor a “risky and expensive project”. [1]

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary for Energy, said:

"Hinkley Point C is crucial for the UK’s future energy needs and the NAO raises valid concerns about whether the deal represents value for money for the British public.

“We need a proper strategy to replace our existing energy supply with a programme of new build financed from the public purse.

"It not about if we should build a new nuclear fleet, that's a no brainer, but who builds them and how they are financed.

“Chinese built pop up power stations are not the answer, it is beyond stupid for the UK to rely on foreign Governments and companies to build our vital energy infrastructure and keep Britain's lights on.

“Apart from anything else, funding it directly from taxation would be a significantly cheaper option for consumers.”


Contact: Justin Bowden on 07710 631351 or GMB Press Office on or at

Notes to editors:

[1] Hinkley Point deal 'risky and expensive'

UK government plans for a new £18bn nuclear power station have come under fire from public auditors, who call it "a risky and expensive project".

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