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HMS Duncan Departs Clydeside

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HMS Duncan departure from the Clyde underscores importance of partnership between UK shipyards says GMB.

We have skills, technology, expertise, are cost effective and competitive so all it needs is Government to support the industry for a thriving future says GMB.

GMB, the union for shipbuilding workers, commented on the departure of HMS Duncan the last of the Type 45 Destroyers from Clydeside today (19th March 2013).

Jim Moohan, Chair of the Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions and GMB Scotland Senior Organiser, said, “HMS Duncan is a £1 billion ship of class and quality. It confirms the importance of the cooperation between the surviving UK yards.  The Carrier Alliance Project carries that forward.

Partnership and cooperation between the then surviving UK yards was vital to their survival and the programme of work that came through from the Type 45 Destroyer towards the Carrier Alliance Project. Without this I have no doubt the orders would not have been won to stabilize the remaining yards from Portsmouth, A&P Appledore Devon; A & P Tyne; Camel Laird Birkenhead and Clyde to Rosyth. 

Immense credit is given to BAE Systems, the employees and the trade unions for total commitment.  The urgent requirement for change was not lost on anyone involved during the early years of 2000.

The flexibility, interchange ability and transfer of labour between the yards were recognised and vital for job security and continuity. 

The final part of the jigsaw and the vision for the future was and remains political parties coming together as one on behalf of the few remaining yards, with survival being the aim.

Appreciating the challenges BAE Systems have met and the capital investment they have put behind their vision to establish the infrastructure required to attract the customer MOD or potential overseas market you could not fail to be impressed by the facilities. Massive credit is due to the managers of the company.  It would take a brave and very knowledgeable individual to claim that the remaining shipbuilding business cannot meet the future with a confident outlook.”

From a pessimistic position only poor politics and lack of vision can capsize this proud industry of less than 10,000.  We are no different from any other country that has policies, investment and procurement arrangements in place to support the companies who invest heavily in industry.

A new horizon awaits our shipbuilding business. We have the skills, technology and expertise to meet the challenges for the future.   We are both very cost effective and competitive all it needs is the backbone of the Government of today and tomorrow to support the industry.”


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