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HSE In 40th Anniversary Year

Monday, January 19, 2015

GMB Pay Tribute To Work Of HSE Now In Its 40th Year Reducing Workplace Accidents And Making Workplaces Safer

The experience and dedication of HSE staff over those 40 years has no doubt contributed to the fall in workplace fatalities from 651 a year to 85 says GMB.

GMB paid tribute to the work of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) now in its 40th year following the coming into force of the Health and Safety at Work Act on 1st October 1974.

John McClean, GMB National H&S Officer, said “GMB pay tribute to HSE now in its 40th year as the main workplace regulator for UK industries. The experience and dedication of the staff over those 40 years has no doubt contributed to the fall in workplace fatalities from 651 a year to 85.

These figures demonstrated a gradual improvement over the passage of time. Tribute should be paid to all the HSE inspectors and policy makers over the years who used their knowledge and experience to help ensure that as few British workers as possible did not die unnecessarily while engaged in their everyday tasks.

The industrial landscape has changed enormously over the last 40 years which has also had an impact on fatalities.

The performance on Occupational Health however is not so positive. Deaths from Asbestos are now 10 times higher than in 1975 and reported stress absences have doubled in the last decade.

GMB is concerned that the on-going cuts to the HSE budgets - 35% so far and counting. This has left HSE unprepared to deal with the increases we have seen in Occupational Health problems particularly in areas such as asbestos exposure, other carcinogens and stress.

HSE must be fully funded to meet challenges of occupational ill health and disease which damages vast numbers of people and costs the UK economy and the taxpayer billions in lost productivity and social Security support.

How much does the Government think good health and safety is worth. Government needs to recognise that ill health from work has enormous impact on both individuals and society and greater resources should be allocated for their control and prevention.”


Contact: John McClean GMB 07710 631 329 or Dan Shears 07918 767781  or GMB press office 07974 252 823 or 07921 289880


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