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James Connolly Dublin Book Launch

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Launch “James Connolly & The Re-Conquest Of Ireland” In Dublin On 13th Jan 2014 To Mark Centenary Of End Of Lock Out In Jan 1914

Book reproduces the manuscript of Connolly’s last major work, together with other documents that shed light upon his re-envisioning of Irish history and culture, the struggle for women's rights, and the fight to achieve an independent and socialist Ireland

There will be an official launch of a new book “James Connolly & the Re-Conquest of Ireland” in Liberty Hall, in Dublin at 5pm on Monday 13th January 2014. This is to mark the centenary of the ending of the lock out in Dublin on 18 Jan 1914 when the union ordered a return to work. Media are invited to attend the launch.

The 304 page book is based on a collection of previously unseen manuscripts by the great Irish revolutionary and trade union leader, James Connolly. The book, containing family papers and writings in Connolly's own hand - that were once believed to have been lost- are in the Marx Memorial Library in London. 

James Connolly & the Re-Conquest of Ireland, profusely illustrated with original documents and photographs, and with specially commissioned artwork, explores Connolly's conception of nationhood, its loss and the continuing quest for social justice.

The author is John Callow the historian who rediscovered the Connolly manuscript that forms the basis of the book.

The publication of the book was supported by GMB, RMT, SIPTU and the Jim Connell Society. The Kells based Jim Connell Society looks after the monument to the Red Flag author in Crossakeil Co Meath and promotes an annual free Mayday festival to promote the values embodied in that anthem.

The details of the launch are as follows:

5pm Monday 13 January 2014

Liberty Hall

33 Eden Quay



The launch will be chaired by Kells Councillor Brian Collins chair of the Jim Connell Society. Speakers will be author John Callow, Peter Pringle President RMT, Joe Flynn General Secretary SIPTU and David Kearney GMB organizer in Dublin.

Media organizations should contact the Jim Connell Society for credentials to attend. Review copies will be available at the launch. John Callow is available for interview before and after the launch.

The book is on sale at selected bookshops in UK and Ireland and online at or by mail order at the above prices plus p and p. email or call Sam Pella at 00 44 1632 636602. The retail price is £20 or Euro 23.50 plus p and p where applicable. Negotiations are underway to get distribution across Ireland in main bookshops. There is likely to be events across Ireland to promote the book.

John Callow the author said “I am delighted to be launching this book at Liberty Hall the historic venue at the heart of Irish trade unionism and the site of some of Connolly's greatest triumphs.

It is timely that the launch marks the centenary of the ending of the lock out in Jan 1914 and the major defeat experienced by trades unions at the hands of the employers then in Dublin.

The Citizens Army and Connolly’s reassessment of where organized labour in Ireland should stand politically came from that defeat. This legacy played a key role in response to World War One, a critical juncture in history that broke out later that year.

The book reproduces, for the first time, the manuscript of Connolly’s last major work, together with a range of other documents that shed fresh light upon his re-envisioning of Irish history and culture, the struggle for women's rights, and the fight to achieve an independent and avowedly socialist Ireland”.

Brian Collins, Chair of Jim Connell Society, said “For me this book brings to life Dublin with its fascinating insight into Connolly and his life and times.

The resilience shown by the labour movement in the aftermath of defeat is inspiring. Connolly’s inclusive values allied with his clear vision in part shaped Ireland’s response to a critical juncture in history.”  

David Kearney, GMB organizer in Ireland, said “GMB is delighted to assist in bringing the material in this book to a wider public marking the centenary of a series of events important to Irish history.

The book shows not only that the labour and trade union movement is one of the oldest political institutions in Ireland but also sets out the crucial role the institution played at a critical juncture in Irish history.

GMB played a part in that history. GMB recall that it was Adolphus Sheilds, the Dublin organizer of the Gasworkers- forerunner of GMB- that was instrumental in bringing James Connolly to Ireland in May 1896 as organizer of the Dublin Socialist Club.

GMB continues to represent workers in the UK and Ireland. The 98th Annual GMB Congress will come back to Dublin in 2015 for the first time since the 2nd GMB Congress was held in the city in 1891.”


Contact:  Author Dr John Callow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Mobile number: 07946 603325 or Jim Connell Society Brian Collins 087 6829205 or Tommy Grimes 087 980 6688 or GMB Dave Kearney or GMB press office 07974 251 823 or 07921 289880


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