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280 Job Losses At Cornwall County Council

Thursday, October 23, 2014

GMB Says Further 280 Job Losses At Cornwall County Council Due To Tory/Liberal Imposed Cuts Are Another Serious Blow

The discussions with Cornwall County Council will continue until the Full Council meeting and no doubt will continue beyond that point as austerity continues to bite says GMB.

GMB, the union for public sector workers, responded to the announcement that a meeting of the Full Council of Cornwall County Council will agree that the total number of redundancies by end of March 2015 will be 280. See notes to editors for copy of Council statement.

Tony Dowling, GMB Organiser, said “The loss of two hundred and eighty jobs in Cornwall will be another blow for the County. The discussions with Cornwall County Council will continue into next week and no doubt will continue beyond that point as austerity continues to bite.

Out of the £196 000 000 identified as a requirement to be cut from the budget, £31,000,000 will come out of staff wages.

At present it is known that there are potentially seven out of the two hundred and eighty jobs losses being made, potentially within public health.

Cornwall's economy is mainly sustained by agriculture. Cornwall has a GDP of 62% of the national average. Tourism is the second largest employer responsible for nearly a quarter of Cornwall's GDP. Due to the serious fragility of the Cornish economy, Cornwall receives European poverty related grants.

Each job in Cornwall is of great value to the person, and to the economy and the loss of local authority jobs will impact on many businesses in the local communities. As the Tory/Liberal Government lays claim to the success of a growing UK economy, for the people of Cornwall, their communities and business these job losses due to imposed budget cuts are another serious blow. The local authority role is in supporting the infrastructure of the County and as its funds and staffing reduce, services will suffer."


Contact: Tony Dowling GMB Organiser 07958 477 859 or 01752 660219 or GMB press office 07974 251 823 /07921 289880

Notes to editors

Statement from Cornwall re latest phase of Council re organisation on 23 October 2014

Cornwall Council is currently going through a major reorganisation in order to save £196 million over the next four years.

A total of £31 million of the £196 million savings have been identified to come from the pay bill. We have already saved £5.5 million from the collective agreement made with the trade unions. Assuming the draft budget is approved by Members at the meeting of the Full Council on 25 November, the total number of redundancies by the end of this financial year will be 280.

The Council has already reduced the number of directorates from six to three as part of a radical shake up of its management structure. The three new Corporate Directors - Trevor Doughty, the Corporate Director for Education, Health and Social Care; Paul Masters, the Corporate Director for Communities and Organisational Development and Michael Crich, the Corporate Director for Economy, Enterprise and Environment, took up their new roles in April. The authority then further reduced the number of senior managers in July by reducing the number of Heads of Service by eight.

Since then senior managers have been reviewing the shape and structure of all services to help the authority to deliver services in different ways in the future and deliver further management savings to protect frontline services.

Details of the remaining structure, which is based on the savings targets set out in the draft budget, were presented to Members of the Council's Cabinet last week, with formal consultation with the Trade Unions beginning on 23 October.

Employers are required by law to inform the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills if they are proposing to make 20 or more employees redundant at one establishment within a period of 45 days or less so that information can be passed to the appropriate Government Departments and Agencies who offer employment and training services.   As a result the Council has formally notified the Redundancy Payments Service that up to 280 staff could be at potential risk of redundancy within this financial year.

Formal consultation with staff will also begin from 23 October.  However no appointments to new roles or notices of redundancy will be issued until after the Council's budget meeting on 25 November.   The implementation of any changes for Public Health, Adults and parts of Children's Services will be happening at a slightly later timescale as the Council is planning for greater integration with health services as part of its business plan.


Contact details Trisha Hewitt Communications Manager Customers and Communities Service Communities and Organisational Development Directorate Cornwall Council
Tel: 01872 32 2186 or Mobile: 07785 956 865

Cornwall Council County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY
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