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117 Jobs In Dundee Under Threat

Thursday, January 14, 2016

GMB Scotland To Call Meeting Of Members Facing Loss Of 117 Jobs At Flint Group In Dundee

Scotland is on the brink of jobs crisis we have had jobs go at BP, Hawick Knitwear these jobs in Dundee, steel industry job plus 30,000 public sector jobs going says GMB Scotland.

GMB Scotland, the union for workers in the chemicals and manufacturing industries, commented on the news that the Dundee site of the Flint Group is under threat of closure with a loss 117  manufacturing jobs in the print and packaging supplies industry. See notes to editors for copy of news report on the BBC website.

Drew Duffy, GMB Scotland regional officer, said "The Dundee site makes products for the whole of Europe. Last year the Dundee site made a profit and we were told a month ago Dundee was on course to make a pre-tax profit of over £800,000. The announcement to potentially close the plant was a total shock, we did not expect this.

 The site is being closed for 2 reasons. Their energy costs are too high and the cost of materials is too high in Dundee compared to their 2 American sites. A local energy company has been in touch to say they would look to fit solar panels and LED lighting on a non-profit basis if Flint Group pick up the cost of the panels and lights. This would make a massive difference to the energy costs.

 117 members of staff work on the site and Dundee is on the brink of an employment disaster. There are not 117 jobs available elsewhere and we found out this week Dundee City Council will need to cut 750 jobs. Enough is enough! Dundee cannot take much more of this. We have members that have worked there for over 40 years. The quality of work that comes from Dundee is in high demand, so much so that their customers specifically ask for the Dundee product when they receive products from America.

GMB Scotland will be holding a mass meeting with members soon and building a movement in Dundee to oppose these savage job losses to a city that is on the brink of going bust.

 GMB Scotland consider that Scotland is on the brink of jobs crisis - this week we have had BP, Hawick Knitwear,  these jobs going in Dundee, steel industry job losses plus 30,000 jobs cuts planned as part of Scottish Government cuts in public spending. Where is the strategy from the Scottish Government to stem the steady stream of good well paying jobs being lost?"


Contact: Drew Duffy 07912 560 806 or Gary Smith on 07710 618909 or 0141 332 8641 or Stuart Fegan 07912 890434 or GMB press office 07974 251 823 or 07921 289880.

Notes to editors

Copy of report on BBC website - 12 January 2016

Jobs at risk at Dundee Flint Group printing factory

More than 100 jobs are at risk at a Dundee printing factory after global printing firm Flint Group said it was considering closing the plant.

The Transfer Media factory produces materials for customers across Europe and employs 117 people.

Flint Group said it was experiencing "significant and worsening" losses because of the decline of the printing industry.

A consultation process will now be held with employees and unions.

The group is planning to consolidate all the work currently carried out at the Dundee site to its two factories in the United States.

David Wood, Flint Group's operations manager in Dundee, said: "We're extremely disappointed to have to make this announcement today, especially since our team in Dundee has worked so hard to improve our cost and delivery performance.

"The structural changes in the marketplace are clearly irreversible and demand for our products is falling fast as digital innovations continue to drive people away from print media."

'Big blow'

Mr Wood said the Dundee factory, on Old Glamis Road, had made an operating loss of more than £1m in 2015.

Dundee City East MSP Shona Robison said she hoped to have a meeting with Mr Wood following the announcement.

Ms Robison said: "This would be a big blow with 117 staff potentially at risk, a tragedy for everyone affected, and Dundee can ill-afford to lose manufacturing jobs."

The MSP said she had met Mr Wood in 2012 when the company said it wanted to cut staff at the factory - then known as Day International.

Ms Robison added: "In 2012 Mr Wood told me that if they could reduce capacity then, as the only European company producing these high-quality materials in the European market, he hoped they could maintain their position in the market and protect the remaining 120 jobs in Dundee.

"At the time they envisaged a longer-term presence in the city. Sadly, this no longer seems to be the case."



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