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June 5th Meeting On Scottish Defence Jobs

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

CSEU Officials From BAE Systems, Babcock Marine, Rolls Royce, Selex And Thales To Meet UK Secretary Of State For Scotland In Edinburgh On Thursday 5th June

Employees in five major defence related and manufacturing companies demand assurances from UK and Scottish Governments.

There will be a meeting in Edinburgh on Thursday 5th June at 10.00 am of CSEU, (Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions), Officials and Senior Shop Stewards of five main companies, (Bae Systems, Babcock Marine, Rolls Royce, Selex, Thales) and the UK Secretary of State for Scotland to seek firm answers on the possible impact of a Yes vote in Referendum on 18th September 2014.

These companies have defence related manufacture and deployment operations in Scotland which employs many thousands of trade union members both directly and indirectly.  

Jim Moohan, Chairman of the Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions in Scotland and GMB Scotland Senior Organiser, said  “There is ever growing concern by the employees in these five major companies over the uncertainty beyond the Referendum date of 18th September 2014.  The lack of positive and substantial answers from the Scottish Government over the past 12 months shall have a fracturing and destabilising effect on the future job security and support required for continuity of an established infrastructure if any of the five major players decide to withdraw their operations.  

Answers are imperative. In September on job retention, skill preservation and investment from a UK perspective in a sector that is heavily dependent on present and future UK MOD orders.

A similar approach has been made to the Scottish Government requesting answers in the near future to help the CSEU’s members make an informed judgement of what it could mean to their industry and their jobs come September 18.”


Contact: Jim Moohan Tel: 0141 352 8140   Mobile 07885  868405 or GMB press office 07921 289880

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