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Labour Leadership Elections

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Has A Massive Job To Win Back The Millions Who Stopped Voting Labour Says GMB

This is an historic moment in British politics and there is now a clear division between the parties so no one will be able to say that they are all the same says GMB.

GMB, a founder member of the Labour Party, commented on the elections for the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Party.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, said “I would like to congratulate the new Leader and Deputy Leader on their election.

This is an historic moment in British politics. There is now a clear division between the parties. No longer will anyone be able to say that they are all the same.

Jeremy has a massive job to do. It is one thing to win votes in a leadership election. It will be a much bigger job to win back the support of the millions who stopped voting Labour.

Jeremy will concentrate on issues and not personalities. People should wait and see and judge Jeremy on what he does. The composition of the shadow cabinet will be an interesting test.

It was New Labour that pushed for registered supporters to dilute the influence of the votes of union members. They have been successful in reducing the participation of union members but on the registered supporters it may be “careful what you wish for”.

There will be plenty of room for people with alternative views and arguments in the Labour Party but at the end of the day the sniping has to stop. Those who cannot accept the democratically elected leader of the party should “ave it on their toes” now.”


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