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Living Wage At Bedford Care Homes

Monday, January 26, 2015

GMB Wins £7.85 Living Wage For Care Staff Working At Former BUPA Care Homes Now In Control Of Bedford Borough Council

GMB also hopes to achieve the same deal in seven former BUPA care homes now run by Central Bedfordshire Council.

GMB has successfully negotiated that care staff working at six former BUPA care homes, now in the control of Bedford Borough Council, will in future be paid a living wage of £7.85 an hour. Bedford Borough Council has also agreed it will also improve the staff’s employ terms and conditions.

Martin Foster, GMB Branch Secretary said, “GMB is proud that it has been able to work with Bedford Borough Council to raise the pay of GMB members working in the borough’s former BUPA care which also took over seven of the former BUPA care homes. GMB will be talking to Bedford Borough Council about backdating the deal.

GMB also hopes to achieve the same deal in seven former BUPA care homes now run by Central Bedfordshire Council as the council does not currently pay a living wage. In some cases these care homes are a mere stone’s throw from each other but come under different councils and so the pay and employment conditions the care staff receive are different.

GMB hopes very much that Central Bedfordshire council will join the ever growing number of councils that recognise the value of their staff and demonstrate that by paying a living wage too.

GMB has been informed that Central Bedfordshire Council will shortly release the results of its pay review for former BUPA care staff and hopes it will reflect the actions of Bedford Borough Council.

A Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said, “The Council is now writing to all former BUPA employees to invite them to accept Bedford Borough Council terms and conditions, including payment of the living wage supplement, effective from 1 February 2015. Due to the nature of the TUPE regulations, we are unable to backdate the transfer onto our terms and conditions.”


Contact: Martin Foster, GMB Branch Secretary on 07960 957839 or Steve Sweeney GMB Organiser on 07703 469404 or Warren Kenny, GMB Senior Organiser on 07843 632394.



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