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GMB Lobby Birmingham Council Over Nursery Closures

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


All we ask is the council properly examine our sustainability plan before consigning Birmingham’s nurseries to the scrap heap.

GMB, the union for childcare workers, will lobby Birmingham City Council today over a plan to close all of the city’s community nurseries.

The council's scheme could leave hundreds of some of the poorest families with no day care provision.

GMB officers and activists will join parents and children at the lobby at 1pm today at the following address:

The Council House

Victoria Square


B1 1BB

Following intense pressure from GMB late last year including a 1,500 strong petition, Birmingham City Council agreed to put additional options up for consultation – including the union’s plan to look at sustainability and locality provision as well as the options for closures.

Inside the full council meeting - the last one prior to purdah commencing for the full election of council on May 3rd – GMB will ask a the council to consider the union’s plan. [1]

Gill Ogilvie GMB Organiser said:

“GMB have been devastated since the council unveiled their outrageous plan last year.

“We believe that these proposals will cost in excess of £2.5 million in redundancy paymentsand potential clawback on buildings - not mentioning the cost to children's and families’ lives.

“All we ask is the council properly examine our sustainability plan before consigning Birmingham’s nurseries to the scrap heap.”


Contact: Gil Ogilvie on 07850768351 or GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or

Notes to editors

[1] The question GMB will put to the full council is as follows:

The GMB Trade Union have been working with the Council for the past 4 years with a view to securing Birmingham City Council day nurseries. The Council is aware that current public consultation is taking place which could result in the closure of these services. The GMB is putting together an alternative business case as part of the consultation process on the future of the BCC nurseries. 

This is going to put forward the viability and sustainability of a number of these nurseries.The GMB Trade Union would request the support/endorsement of the Council to pursue this avenue before a final decision is made.


In December 2015 the council had made proposals to close all the nurseries across the city but the GMB lodged a dispute with them which was successful in looking at suitable alternative arrangements.

The city originally had 26 nurseries in 2010 it then closed 12 which left the remaining 14 centres that they planned to close again in 2015.

Due to the GMB dispute this was prevented and discussions surrounding sustainability were the outcome of the 2015 dispute. Section 6 of the childcare Act 2006, places a duty on English local authorities to secure sufficient childcare for working parents.

There are a further 26 standalone nursery schools which could be affected further as a consequence of these initial proposals just at a time when they have been promised secured funding for the next 2 years when the new fixed rate for EEE funded places comes into effect.

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