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11,766 Local Council Job Cuts

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

GMB Round Up Shows 11,766 Job Cuts In 17 Local Councils For 2016/17 Budgets

Further 30% cut will mean amputations as councils and other public services are forced to decide which services they stop providing altogether says GMB.

GMB, the union for public sector workers, has found that 17 councils across Britain have already announced a total 11,766 job cuts to meet cuts in their budget for 2016/17.

This figure comes from GMB monitoring of budget fixing for 2016/17 in councils across the country. Below in notes to editors are the details for 29 councils for financial year 2016/17.

The details for these 17 councils are as follow:

3,000      Glasgow City Council

2,000      Edinburgh City Council

1,800      Cumbria Council

1,000      North Lanarkshire Council

700         Falkirk Council

506         Fife council

454         Hampshire County Council

400         South Lanarkshire Council

350         Walsall Council

330         Gentoo (manager of Sunderland City Council's housing stock)

306         Argyll and Bute

275         Dudley Council

250         East Sussex County Council

200         Merthyr Tydfil Council

100         Worcestershire County Council

50           Cambridgeshire County Council

45           Carlisle City Council

11,766    total

Justin Bowden, GMB National Officer for local council workers, said “These 11,766 job cuts are just the tip of the iceberg of the cuts yet to be revealed as councils fix budgets for 2016/17.

They are in advance of the announcement that four government departments – Treasury, transport, local government and environment - have agreed to cut their spending by an average of another 30% over the next four years.

The full extent of the cuts will be revealed in the Spending Review on 25th November.  Spending in some parts of the public sector like local councils will be half that in 2010.  These same councils have to cope with increased pressures from the care sector and other upward cost pressures. 

The last round of local government job losses were described as cutting council services to the bone. The further 30% cut will mean amputations as councils and other public services are forced to decide which services they stop providing altogether.

With the cuts to come people will have more chance of winning the lottery than seeing police patrolling their streets."


Contact: Justin Bowden 07710 631351 or Benny Rankin in Scotland on 0141 352 8105 or 07912 560 808 or Alex McLuckie 07885 348269 or Rowena Hayward in Wales 07918 767534 or Michelle Gordon 07866 369259 for south of England or GMB press office 07974 251 823 or 07921 289880.

Notes to editors

Details of GMB research to date on council budget cuts for 2016/17 in 29 councils.




Argyll and Bute

options not yet decided include loss of 306 FTE posts


Birmingham City Council



Cambridgeshire County Council

£120m over next 5 years

up to 50 jobs cut

Carlisle City Council

45 jobs


Cheshire West and Chester Council



Cumbria Council

£80m, 1,800 jobs cut in next 3 years

4,800 jobs lost from 2012-2019

Dudley Council



Dundee City Council



East Sussex County Council

Possible 250 jobs cut


Edinburgh City Council

The council wants around 2000 workers to take enhanced voluntary

 redundancy packages and leave by next June.

Falkirk Council

700 jobs over next 3 years


Fife council

2,400 jobs between 2011-2018. 1,894 of those already

gone by April 2015

Glasgow City Council

3,000 over next 2 years


Gwynedd council



Hampshire County Council



Hartlepool Borough Council



Highland Council



Hull City Council



Lancashire County Council

£223m by April 2020


Norfolk County Council



North Lanarkshire Council



Oxfordshire County Council


on top of £292m from 2010-2018




Warwickshire County Council

£92m by 2018


West Berkshire



West Dunbartonshire Council



Wolverhampton City Council



Worcestershire County Council

Job cuts including 100 adult social care workers



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