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Loss Fears In East Sussex NHS

Thursday, June 26, 2014

GMB meet with staff at Eastbourne Hospital to discuss East Sussex Healthcare Trusts current review

GMB meet with staff at Eastbourne Hospital to discuss East Sussex Healthcare Trusts current review on 200 Admin, Booking and Reception roles, and the serious affects those changes will have on both patient services and jobs.

The mass meeting attended by members of the GMB, other health unions and concerned staff discussed possible responses to the Trusts lack of meaningful consultation regarding the current proposed re-organisation, which staff feel will have devastating results upon both the patient services currently provided at Eastbourne and the community hospitals within the trust, as well as the resulting affect from the worry of being excluded from information and consultation by the trust in how those changes will impact upon them, when finally produced.

Gary Palmer GMB Regional Organiser said:
The outright anger of Members and staff in addition to being strongly disappointed with the Trust was apparent very early on in the meeting, all were in agreement in wanting to send a clear message to the Chief exec and team responsible for this fiasco, that enough was enough and that they were not going to simple accept this unfairness without a fight.

To that end their response was unanimously decided to be two fold in so much that firstly they will be demonstrating outside Eastbourne Hospital during their lunch period on July 2nd from Noon until 2pm to raise awareness to patients and public that the continued transferring of services to the conquest, and downgrading of EDGH is just not acceptable, and that in addition their anger towards the Chief exec for seeking changes outside of the spirit of the re-deployment policy, and by forcing through detrimental changes at the drop of a hat, whilst simply playing at consultation when doing so is not good enough treatment towards a dedicated and caring workforce.
Secondly they are also both individually and collectively writing to demanding that Darren Grayson and his team have the decency to meet with affected staff on mass for a frank exchange of views and requests for information, they don't expect him to be brave enough to do so.

In addition it was agreed to continue with a further grievance to force the trust to re-commence the consultation in a meaningful and professional way, by taking into account the views of all stakeholders, whilst following a consultation period time table more suitable for this type of large proposed organisational change and that it would be supported further by a call by members for the GMB to consider a consultative ballot of members should the Trust fail to enter into new meaningful and open consultation, with a view to lodging an industrial dispute and the undertaking a full industrial action ballot, to protect both services and jobs.

The Trust have brought this impasse upon themselves, and we can only suggest that the amount of resentment towards the trust and the conviction staff have shown in formulating a response that the Trust ignore their concerns at their peril and that no longer are they prepared to accept the Trusts approach to all things concerning any program of change and that they are keen to defend and keep current service provision at Eastbourne and outlying areas, and that they insist that the Darren Grayson should implement, action and follow himself a more respectful approach and treatment of staff and not just use his weekly message to disingenuously pump out his pro NHS rhetoric.


Contact: Gary Palmer on 07552 165950 or GMB Press Office 07921 289 880



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