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MSP Meeting On Blacklisting

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MSPs should go to Scottish Parliament meeting on Thursday 21st February to press ICO to inform 582 Scottish workers they are on construction blacklist

MSPs should call on local councils in Scotland not to award any new public work to the companies that operated the blacklist till they apologise and compensate those they damaged says GMB

GMB Scotland, the union for construction workers, is urging all MSPs to attend a meeting on the Consulting Association construction blacklist in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 21st between 3pm and 4pm. See invitation to press conference and discussion in notes to editors 1 below.

Harry Donaldson, Secretary GMB Scotland, said "GMB welcome this meeting and urge all MSPs to attend.

GMB has shown the areas in Scotland where at least 582 people on the blacklist either lived or worked. See notes to editors 2 for press release.

It is a disgrace that less than 10% of these 582 know they are on the list. MSP's must step up pressure on the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to work with DWP to get their current addresses and write to them so that they can get justice and compensation.

GMB has now also shown that there are 240 women and green activists on the blacklist- five from Scotland. One lives in Glasgow.

GMB is asking the Scottish Affairs Committee to call construction industry directors who were addressed at a Consulting Association meeting by a "key officer" from the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit to establish what role this police unit played – if any- in placing these names on the blacklist. See notes to editors 3 for media report on NETCU.

GMB has never received a satisfactory explanation from Carillion or others as to what the Consulting Association was discussing with them at the regular "security meetings" they hosted. GMB do know that Mr John Edwards represented Carillion at least once at such a meeting since Carillion confirmed this to us. People have been deprived of an honest living through these illegal tactics which has blighted their families’ lives. They have been the victims of injustice over many years by multi-national companies - now seeking to live off public sector contracts. Not a single company has yet been punished nor have any of them paid compensation.

GMB call on MSPs to step up the campaign to get those blacklisted an apology and proper compensation.

MSPs should call on local councils not to award any new public work to the companies like Carillion that operated the blacklist till they apologise and compensate those they damaged."

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