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New Pay Offer In Scotland

Monday, September 2, 2013

GMB Welcomes Commitment To Living Wage In Latest Offer On Pay From Scottish Local Government But Has Concerns On Falling Living Standards

We have just received notification of this latest offer we will need to consult with our members to determine if this is acceptable says GMB

GMB Scotland, the union for local government workers, responded to the latest proposal on pay from the Scottish Local Government Organisation (COSLA). See notes to editors for copy of employers statement.

GMB Scotland has welcomed the commitment to continue paying a Living Wage, but there is still a concern about falling Living Standards for Local Government workers in Scotland.

The new Proposal which extends the current One-Year Offer to a Two-Year Offer consisting of:

YEAR 1 a 1% Pay increase and the introduction of a Living Wage of £7.50 from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014.

YEAR 2 a 1% Pay increase and an increase in the Living Wage to £7.58 from April 2014 to March 2015, with a commitment to match any increase in the Living Wage from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Alex McLuckie, GMB Scotland Senior Organiser for Public Services said:  “We have just received notification of this latest offer. GMB will need to consult with our members to determine if this is acceptable.  

However, GMB welcome the increase in the Living Wage.  GMB Scotland fought long and hard to establish a Living Wage in Local Government and it is good to see it being continued into 2014/15.

Our concern on this and previous offers is the general increase.  This is the fourth year that pay increases have lagged well behind the rate of inflation resulting in a significant drop in the living standards of Local Government workers in Scotland.We would like to see this addressed in any pay offer.”


For Further information: Alex McLuckie Tel: 0141 352 8141, Mobile: 07885 348269

Notes to editors

Employers statement


Scotland’s Council Leaders have today (Friday) provided certainty for their workforce with a two year pay offer.

Speaking after a meeting in Edinburgh this afternoon, Councillor Billy Hendry, COSLA’s Human Resources Spokesman said:  “I am delighted to announce to the local government workforce that COSLA Leaders have today provided them with certainty over pay for this year, and perhaps more crucially, for next year.  

“They have done this by extending a pay offer of 1% for this year (2013/14) by a further 1% from April 1, 2014 for the year 2014/15.

“This extended offer will also include a commitment to match the living wage level to be announced in November this year by the Living Wage Foundation.

“In very difficult financial circumstances Council Leaders have given the whole workforce a one per cent pay increase for each of the next two years and in addition to this they have given a commitment to increase the hourly rate to match that recommended by the Living Wage Foundation from April 1 2014.

“This commitment will be most welcomed by the Trade Unions as it puts additional money into the pockets of those members of our workforce who are the lowest paid.

“No other part of the public sector has signed up to helping the lowest paid on this scale or at this rate.  We are talking today about Scottish Local Government offering a sectoral best deal to its lowest paid workers.”

Councillor Hendry went on:  “Councils value their workforce and are doing the right things to support them through tough times.

“At a time of budget cuts across the public sector we felt it was important to provide some degree of financial certainty for hard pressed households throughout Scotland by investing over £120m in our workforce over the next two years.

“This money will be spent locally and help local businesses and communities at a time of financial hardship.”



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