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New Sellafield Strike

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


GMB members are seeking a decent pay increase that makes up for some of the ground they have lost over recent years when pay rises have failed as a whole to keep up with inflation says GMB.

3,000 GMB members at Sellafield will walk out again for a further 24-hour strike from 6.01am on Wednesday, November 29 until 5.59am on Thursday, November 30.

This follows the proposal from Sellafield Limited management of a 3-year deal which does not meet the expectations of the workforce.

The dispute was triggered back in July when the company imposed a below inflation 1.5% increase on pay rates which equated to a real terms pay cut with RPI inflation running at 4%.

Last year GMB members accepted a 0.25% pay rise in order to stop management cutting the pay of apprentices at the site.

Members will picket at the North Gate, Main Gate, Calder Gate, WAMAC Gate and Station Gate from the start of strike and throughout Wednesday at the Sellafield site in Cumbria. [1 note to editors about photo opportunities and interviews].

Unite the Union is also taking separate indusrial action in the same dispute.

Pay for the 3,000 GMB members at Sellafield over recent years has failed to keep up with inflation and from next year most Sellafield workers will have to pay more towards their pensions.

Talks with Sellafield Management have taken place over the course of the last week but the talks have so far failed to produce a potential settlement that meets the aspirations of GMB and Unite members.

GMB has given the company an assurance that minimum safety manning levels will be maintained throughout the strike and emergency arrangements will be in place to ensure that the workforce and local communities are safe.

Chris Jukes, GMB Senior Organiser, said:

"Our members do not want to strike again but Sellafield seem incapable of delivering what is discussed in talks; what is not clear is if this is deliberate tactics to drag out the dispute or just a lack of competence on the part of some of the negotiators.

"GMB members are seeking a decent pay increase that makes up for some of the ground they have lost over recent years, when pay rises have failed as a whole to keep up with inflation.

"A pig-headed attitude by Sellafield management has backed GMB members into a corner.

“The negotiations have been protracted and whilst Sellafield have tabled revised offers, intense negotiations have failed to produce a clear final position that could potentially resolve the dispute.

“What is frustrating to GMB negotiators is that resolution is not that far off in the scheme of things.

“However the GMB feels that their members are being asked to take a leap of faith into the unknown as things stand, with management not being prepared to make similar steps to resolve matters.

“It is small wonder that Sellafield workers are angry when they see bosses given massive bonuses as rewards for failure, while they have to put up with below inflation pay rises, worse terms and conditions for new starters imposed at vastly reduced rates of pay and from next year increased contributions for their pensions.

“Our members feel betrayed by the current attitude of senior Sellafield management which is undermining the social contract that was laid out in the 1940’s in West Cumbria and which successive generations have bought into.

“The NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) needs to talk some sense into Sellafield’s top brass.”


Contact: Chris Jukes on 07870 176733 or GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or at

Notes to editors:

[1] Picketing will take place at the site’s North Gate, Main Gate and Calder Gate from the start of strike and throughout Wednesday. For photos and interviews, contact Chris Jukes on 07870 176733

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