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Ballot at Aberdeenshire Council

Monday, January 14, 2013

GMB to consult members on revised terms from Aberdeenshire Council in ballot that closes on 25 th January.

Although Aberdeenshire Council has made improvements to their proposed package of cuts let us remember they are nevertheless proposing cuts to peoples’ terms and conditions says GMB.

GMB is the put revised terms and conditions of employment to members employed by Aberdeenshire council in a new ballot which will close on 25th January 2013.  This follows negotiations by GMB with Aberdeenshire Council on 12 December 2012.

As a result of these negotiations Aberdeenshire Council revised the Weekend Working Allowance to retain the current enhanced rate of time and one half from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday.

The implementation dates for the proposed changes to shift and car allowance have been changed as a result of the negotiations. Shift Allowance “buy-out” is now proposed to be paid in April 2013 instead of November 2012. Car Allowance of 40p will increase to 45p from February 2013 instead of November 2012 and the lump sum payments will continue until 31 March 2013 after which they will be discontinued.

These revised terms arose after GMB members rejected the previous proposals in a ballot in September 2012.

Janet Adams, GMB Organiser, said "Members will now vote on these revised terms and conditions. Although Aberdeenshire Council has made further improvements to their proposed package of cuts to terms and conditions let us remember they are nevertheless proposing to cut peoples’ terms and conditions.

Members have already suffered a wage freeze for the last 2 years whilst everything else has went up in price and are extremely concerned as to how they will financially manage. These proposals hit the front line staff who deliver essential services to the public.

Aberdeenshire Council has agreed along with all other councils in Scotland to pay a living wage which is good news for members on the bottom pay grade all across Scotland".


Contact: Janet Adams , GMB Organiser on 07738 486317 or 01224 582 367.  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251 823

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