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No Special Treatment For MPs

Monday, December 9, 2013

As Pay Rises For Public Sector Workers Are Capped At 1% It Can't Be Right For Mps To Have Special Treatment With 11% Rise Says GMB 

If it's good enough for MPs it's good enough for every public service worker says GMB.

GMB, the union for public sector workers, commented on reports that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is proposing to raise the salary of an MP from £66,396 by £7,600 to new salary of £74,000 in May 2015. See notes to editors for information on the IPSA website.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for public services, said "The key point about MPs pay is not whether they are worth a higher salary - I believe they are - but whether this is the right time and the right way to recognise it.

It is plainly unfair that the review body that is determining MPs pay, IPSA, does so entirely without interference whereas the equivalent bodies that set pay for other public sector workers are required to respect government pay policy.

On the same basis IPSA has used, most public sector workers could justify similar pay rises, up to 18% in the case of local government workers, but won't be getting them due to the 1% cap so it can't be right that MPs have special treatment.

It is also galling to see that the proposal also includes MPs pay in future going up automatically with average earnings - whether they deserve it and whether it's affordable or not - while other public sector workers have to argue and fight for every scrap they can get from the austerity table.

If it's good enough for MPs it's good enough for every public service worker."


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Notes to editors

Statement on MPs' pay and pensions published on IPSA website.


Parliament has now put an end to the situation whereby MPs decide their own pay and pension arrangements – giving IPSA the powers to decide. For the first time an independent body will settle these issues and, in doing so, we are giving the public a say.

We have put forward for consultation our recommendations for a (Embedded image moved to file: pic00292.jpg)new remuneration package for MPs, for your reference you can also read the (Embedded image moved to file:

pic12382.jpg)shorter summary paper. We will analyse all the consultation responses and publish our final determination in the autumn. These decisions will be implemented after the General Election due in May 2015.

The recommended package contains the following elements:

• a salary of £74,000 in 2015, indexed to changes in average earnings in the whole economy thereafter; • a new pension on a par with those in other parts of the public service, saving the taxpayer millions; • scrapping out-of-touch “resettlement payments” worth tens of thousands of pound per MP and introducing more modest, modern redundancy packages, available only to those who contest their seat and lose; and • a tighter regime of business costs and expenses – ending the provision for things such as evening meals.

Additionally, IPSA proposes that MPs produce an annual report on their activities and achievements.

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