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No To Brighton Privatisation

Thursday, September 4, 2014

GMB To Oppose Move By Brighton And Hove City Council Officers To Privatise Integrated Community Equipment Services In The City

Options that the services are tendered locally or that the council continue the in house provision were both discounted and excluded out of hand by officers says GMB.

GMB has launched a campaign to oppose Brighton & Hove City Council officers progressing with proposals to the Health and Well-Being Board to place Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES) into the private sector.

The service is currently provided jointly by Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Community Trust. The service provides daily living and nursing equipment to people being cared for in the community within the Brighton and Hove area. It helps to increase patient safety and/or independence at home. The dedicated team support team are held in high regard by members of the public.

Council officers were asked to consider all possibilities in regard to the future of the Equipment Service Provision. They were asked to base those recommendations upon both the increasing usage and activity within the service against being able to submit the most advantageous cuts to funding.

Four options were initially discussed with the unions. However the proposals now being submitted to Health and Well-Being Board contains only two options both of which are generated from and by private providers.

Gary Palmer, GMB Organiser, said “The report by the officers is disgracefully biased in content in an attempt to manipulate and scare the Health & Well-being Board members into recommending the privatisation of the current service.

Two options that the services were tendered locally or that the council look to continue the in house provision were both discounted and excluded out of hand by officers of the council.

The joint unions have written to board members asking them to refer the report back to their officers with a view to undertaking proper discussions with our members, their representatives and other stakeholders to fully explore all options fairly and openly, before returning with a more balanced proposal and recommendations.

The report lays out a host of negative figures in the costs for any in-house provision, whilst painting a picture of the ease for board members to choose private service provision and the ability therefore for the council to discharge themselves of any responsibility to current or future service users, stakeholders and staff. We find that reprehensible to say the least.

Once again the reputation of the council and its inability to commit itself to delivering full long term adult social care is impacting upon the residents and our members and staff.

The council’s record on the way staff who have been TUPE’d into the private sector and how ultimately they end up being treated isn’t encouraging, if we take recent events and issues that unions and our members had with Mytime Active and Mears into account.

So rightly our members are very concerned that service users will see a decline in the overall package of support they receive and that they themselves will end up potentially with changes to their terms and conditions, working environment and of course the inevitable pay detriment from any potential financial cuts.

The joint unions will do everything we can to robustly defend the current in house service by all means at our disposal.”


Contact Gary Palmer GMB Organiser 07552165950, Mark Turner GMB Branch Secretary 07860 787973 or Charles Harrity, GMB Senior Organiser on 07977 518042 or GMB press office 07921 289880


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