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No To Pupils Taking Part In Hiring/Firing

Friday, February 28, 2014

GMB Welcome Decision By Wiltshire School To Remove Pupils From Panels Deciding Future Of Staff In The School

Pupils should have a voice in the running their schools but it is going too far to have them taking hiring and firing decisions as it is not fair on them or on the staff says GMB

GMB, the union for school support staff, welcomes the decision that staff facing restructuring at Matravers School, Westbury. Wiltshire will no longer be interviewed by school pupils as part of the process.

GMB intervened when members at the schools where horrified to learn that they would be interviewed by pupils to determine whether or not they would keep their jobs.

The school decided to include pupils on the interview panel during re-structuring, and allow them input into the decision on who should be given the new roles, and who should be made redundant.

Members had already found the re-structuring process to be difficult and stressful, but felt the inclusion of pupils was not appropriate.

Carole Vallelly, GMB Regional Organiser, said 'GMB members naturally found it very difficult having to, in effect, apply for their own jobs, but were additionally distressed by the prospect of being interviewed by the pupils.

GMB believe pupils should have a voice in the running their schools but it is going too far to have them taking hiring and firing decisions. It is not fair on them or on the staff.

GMB protested strongly to the School. We called for alternative arrangements to be made which did not include pupil involvement.  At first the school were reluctant to change the process saying they wanted to keep pupils on the panel, and that the pupils on the panel would be 'contributing remarks about the candidates to the decision making process'. 

After further discussions with the GMB, the School's Deputy Head, Richard Haupt finally, but reluctantly, agreed to change the procedure saying 'it is with great reluctance that we will do as you ask'.

GMB is pleased that the school have now agreed a mutually acceptable way forward with staff, which is exactly what should have happened in the first place.”


Contact Carole Vallelly  01793 818005 or 07912 181476 or GMB press office 07974 251 823 or 07921 289880

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