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Norwich Refuse Strike Ballot

Thursday, October 8, 2015

GMB Members Employed By Biffa On Norwich City Council Contract To Ballot For Strike Action Over Treatment At Work

A member with 25 years of service who is also an ex council employee with protected benefits was dismissed on Tuesday 6th October and threats are not acceptable says GMB.

44  GMB members employed by Biffa on a refuse contract for Norfolk City Council , at a meeting on Wednesday 7th October 2015,  unanimously agreed to go ahead with an industrial action in a dispute over treatment at work.

It was also agreed that all members will submit a formal grievance around the lack of trust and confidence in the local management team, to supplement the above collective action. 

Glen Holdom, GMB Regional Officer, said “Problems have remained unattended to since a GMB member was reinstated in July.

Long serving members appear to be systematically being picked off and dismissed. A member, who has 25 years of service who is also an ex council employee with protected benefits, was dismissed on Tuesday 6th October.

Given evidence and numerous examples of malpractice by the contracts manager and inconsistent treatment towards sections of the workforce members have lodged a grievance on loss of trust and confidence in him and his supervisors.

Members discussed the consequences of signing pieces of paper under the direction of local management, with threats of dismissal.  This was rejected as totally unacceptable. 

I am going ahead to organize the ballot for strike action, GMB remain committed to resolve these issues amicably, through negotiations and consent with the Company.”


Contact: Glenn Holdom 07974 251 723 or 01603 626492 or GMB press office 07974 251823 or 07921 289880

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