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Nottinghamshire Police Deal

Monday, January 28, 2013

GMB welcome recognition deal for civilian staff at Nottinghamshire Police Force.

We solve problems, we don’t create them and we are fair but we are very firm when it comes to protecting and supporting our members says GMB.

GMB, the union for public sector workers, welcomed the decision by Nottinghamshire Police to recognize GMB. This will give GMB rights to be involved in formal consultation and negotiation for members employed as civilian staff by the force.

This follows civilian staff in the force joining GMB over the last two years. The relationship between the force and GMB branch officials both locally and regionally has been very positive.

Sharon Ault, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, said the move was a ”hugely positive step” and would ensure the views of a greater number of police staff were represented and heard.

She said: “Providing full recognition status to two unions will maximise the consultation potential for our staff and will ensure that more of our staff receive independent feedback.

Negotiations should reach a wider group more swiftly and objectives should be met more speedily.”

Tyehimba Nosakhere, GMB regional officer, said “I am absolutely delighted that we have managed to achieve what has been a long-term target for the GMB over several years.

I need to first and foremost pay tribute to the members of the GMB who have stayed with us through thick and thin and will now benefit greatly from the full recognition which we now have achieved.

The branch secretary and other lay officials have worked tirelessly for several years, representing and supporting members and where we have had the opportunity, consulting with the management, in order to improve the situation for employees at Nottinghamshire Police.

GMB prides itself on having established a professional and positive relationship with the management in the force, because we believe that in order to get the best for our members, we have to be resolution focused and that means that we have to be prepared to work hard, with others and the management team to achieve the best results for all who are employed here.

As a result of full recognition, we now move into a different phase where we hope that our standard of negotiation, representation, consultation and support will become a standard that is accessible across the organisation and appreciated by all.

Alan Woodward, GMB branch secretary, said: "I am absolutely over the moon with the decision to fully recognise the GMB. We have had loyal members over the years who have maintained membership with the GMB throughout and for them and for the many employees who have joined since, this is a great day and a reward for their trust and faith in the way in which the GMB conducts the business of representing, supporting and consulting.

GMB is very clear in that we solve problems, we don’t create them and we are fair but we are very firm when it comes to protecting and supporting our members.

We absolutely respect the management’s right to manage and we expect the right to maintain and protect our membership. We believe that this is achieved by creating and maintaining positive transparent relationships with the management and others with the ultimate aim of maintaining a high level standard of service with secure terms and conditions. We look forward to working with everyone in the future."


Contact: Tyehimba Nosakhere, GMB regional officer on 07966 327 975 or GMB Press Office 07921 289 880

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