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Oppose Cuts In Barnsley Hospital

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GMB Oppose £3.5 Million Cuts To Women’s And Stroke Services And Wards At Barnsley Hospital

Members are extremely concerned about the risks to patient’s safety and fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious incident says GMB.

GMB, the union for workers in the NHS, are opposing £3.5 million cuts being forced on hospital services and wards at Barnsley hospital as the union fears it will put lives at risk.

In a bid to find the savings Barnsley Hospital are looking at reducing bed numbers across wards and a reduction to some of their services as follows:  

  • The Stroke Ward will face a bed reduction from 20 to 14 - GMB warn that patients who suffer a stroke will have less opportunity to be looked after by staff who specialise in the care of stroke victims.
  • The Gynaecology Ward will go from a 7 day to 5 day service, with a reduced bed capacity of 20 to 14.  Potential issues such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and emergency surgery on a weekend will be dealt with by general nurses and not a specialised nursing team.    
  • The Termination of Pregnancy Service will go from a 5 day to 3 day service. Those post termination of pregnancy patients who experience complications on a weekend will not have access to the specialist services provided by the Gynaecological ward.
  • A surgical ward is also set to close and skilled staff displaced throughout the hospital.
  • NHS regulator, Monitor has instructed hospitals to disregard the maximum patient waiting time of 4 hours in A&E and to look at other cost-saving targets. Barnsley Hospital is already under a great deal of financial pressure following irregularities uncovered last year and is now expected to find a further 3.5 million pounds in savings.

Martin Jackson, GMB Branch Secretary and Staff Nurse at Barnsley Hospital, said, “Members are extremely concerned about the risks to patient’s safety and fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious incident.  

So much for the Tory claim to be making the NHS a seven day per week service. Staff are under immense pressure to deliver high quality patient care but are at breaking point.

To make matters worse GMB representatives are being denied proper consultation with hospital management to address patient care concerns. Senior NHS managers keep informing GMB that the quality of care is their first priority while their actions speak of the reverse.”

Stacey Booth, GMB Lead Officer for the NHS, said: “GMB is supporting our members and the Barnsley community and will continue to campaign against the down-grading of services at the hospital.

There has been minimal consultation about the proposals.  Hospital management is making changes at a time when the Trust is under severe pressure.  The hospital is already stretched and has introduced an Escalation Ward to deal with the high turn-over of patients, but the ward doesn’t have a dedicated medical team and this is leading to a lack of consistency in patient care.  Lives are being put at risk.”


Contact: Martin Jackson GMB Branch Secretary on 07790 146254  or Stacey Booth GMB Lead Officer for the NHS  on 07813 541788 or Caroline Jones GMB Press Officer on 0345 337 7777.


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