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Outrage Over 1,400 Jobs To India

Thursday, November 28, 2013

GMB Slams Npower Over Outsourcing 1,400 Jobs To India

There will be a vigorous campaign against the offshoring of jobs to India because it has absolutely nothing to do with customer service and everything to do with cost says GMB.

GMB, the union for staff in the energy sector, is taking Npower, one of the big six energy companies, to task over their announcement about changes to their operations leading to redundancies in the North East, closure of sites within the UK and the decision to export 1,400 jobs to India. GMB is calling for a public inquiry into RWE Npower.

RWE Npower announced this morning (28th November) that they will be cutting back operations in the UK leading to a loss of 1,400 jobs, with the closure of sites at Peterlee, Thornaby and Stoke. The 1,400 jobs will be placed offshore to India. In addition 570 jobs will be transferred out to another provider in 60 days.

Npower have come under sustained attack by politicians at Westminster along with the other 5 giant power companies for the way the market is operated and the recent decision to hike up prices well above inflation. Ed Miliband said that his Labour Party would freeze energy bills for over a year from 2015 should they become the Government after the next election.

Colin Smith, GMB Northern Region Senior Organiser, said “This is about cost of living, bad management and naked greed.

At this time of the year when the Christmas lights are being turned on for most people, Npower workers their families and communities have no yuletide greetings. They have only fear from a company only interested in their fat cat salaries and what they can get out of consumers who are paying ever higher energy prices so corporate bureaucrats can get fatter as their reward for failure.

Our lay representatives and members have been working hard for years with Npower to make the North East sites return consistent profitability.

It is an absolute scandal that a company like Npower can operate as a cartel player in a captive market, while jobs are placed offshore, we import energy and the Npower CEO cocks a snoop at the regulators and taxpayer by taking his annual bonus.

GMB will vigorously campaign against the offshoring of jobs to India because it has absolutely nothing to do with customer service and everything to do with cost. At a time of a cost of living crisis with the Npower CEO's couldn't give a damn attitude about workers or customers it is time to say enough is enough.

GMB want elected politicians and the regulators to act quickly to an unsustainable situation. Only a co-ordinated response by elected politicians and regulators with a proper inquiry to look into power company practices, the operation of the market and the supply of energy, will save the day."


Colin Smith, GMB Senior Organiser on 07870 176 723 or 0191 514 2634 or Chris Jukes GMB Senior Organiser on 07870 176733 or 0191 233 3930 for North East, Stuart Harrision, GMB Organiser on 07957 266840 for Stoke and Oldbury Npower sites:  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251 823.


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