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Plaid Cymru's "betrayal" of Welsh electorate

Friday, May 13, 2016

GMB Comments On Plaid Cymru’s “Betrayal” Of Welsh Electorate

The people of Wales deserve better from their political leaders than this type of gamesmanship says GMB.

GMB commented today on the recent deadlock in the Welsh assembly. The comment comes after an attempt to reinstall Carwyn Jones as first minister failed due to a tied Senedd vote on Wednesday.

Labour won 29 seats out of 60 at the 5th May election, falling just short of an overall majority but with a clear mandate to form the next Welsh Government, with their nearest rivals on 12 seats. Mr Jones is now tied in a vote with Plaid Cymru, after their leader, Leanne Wood, received backing from Conservative and UKIP assembly members.

Mike Payne, GMB Regional Political Officer, said “What took place on Wednesday brought the fledgling institution to an all-time low, with pure political ambition replacing political principles and betraying pre-election pledges.

Prior to the election Leanne Wood, the Leader of Plaid Cymru had made cast iron promises that she and her group would not work or collaborate on any issue with UKIP”. She has clearly gone back on those pledges, leaving her credibility in tatters. The moment that the Plaid Cymru group asked for support for her nomination from the Tories and UKIP, Leanne Wood sold her political soul and will soon see her demise as the Leader of Plaid Cymru.”

The people of Wales and Rhondda deserve better from their political leaders than this type of gamesmanship, and I’m sure that GMB members across those constituencies who currently work in the steel industry and are uncertain for their futures will want to express these views in as strong a way as possible.

GMB will therefore be launching an email campaign telling Plaid Cymru ‘We did not vote for this’.”


Contact: Mike Payne on 01792467803 or GMB press office on 07970 863 411 or 07739 182691

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