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Qatar World Cup Workers Unpaid For A Year

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GMB Call On Qatari Authorities To Pay Wages To Workers On World Cup Tower Who Have Been Unpaid For A Year

Qatar should implement the DLA Piper report they commissioned and enable independent trades unions to represent and improve standards for migrant workers says GMB

Following a report in the Guardian today (29th July) that migrant workers building offices for the 2022 World Cup organizers had not been paid for up to a year, GMB is calling on the Government of Qatar to implement, with immediate effect, the three recommendations on non-payment of wages in the DLA Piper report on “Migrant Labour in Construction sector in the State of Qatar”.

These recommendations are set out below.  See as a pdf in the additional resources section at the foot of this release on the full DLA Piper report “Migrant Labour in Construction sector in the State of Qatar”.

The DLA Piper recommendations are as follows:

13.19 Sanctions for employers' / sponsors' failure to pay wages. We recommend that in the event of proven failure to pay wages by any employer / sponsor , that employer / sponsor should automatically be disqualified from objecting to a transfer of employment or exit visa being granted, or should have an appropriate short period of time in which he must prove that the wages have been paid. The default position should be that the transfer will be granted, and in the event of repeat offences of failure to pay such employer / sponsor should be disqualified from being a sponsor.

13.20 Preventing undue delay for payment of wages. We recommend that the payment process in respect of projects ultimately funded by the State of Qatar needs revisiting to ensure that there is no undue delay which would impact upon the payment of wages to migrant workers through Sub-Contracting entities, or be used as an excuse for delay in payment. We also recommend introducing appropriate sanctions for late payment throughout the chain of contracting, for example suspension of contracts and financial penalties provided for in the contract for the Lead Contractor in the event of late payment of wages, reduction of payment period in all contracts from 90 to 60 days, Lead Contractors should be under an obligation to pay their Sub-Contractors promptly and these obligations should be reflected in all contracts in the supply chain.

13.21 Monitoring of payment of wages electronically. We recommend that the State of Qatar should give consideration to implementing a scheme whereby payment of migrant worker wages is monitored electronically by, or in conjunction with, the Qatar Central Bank.

Bert Schouwenburg, GMB International Officer, said “The Qatari government has buried its head in the sand for long enough. It is time address the worst and most extreme exploitation of workers anywhere in the world that is now taking place right under its nose. 

They should pay these workers. They should get on with implementing the DLA Piper report they commissioned. They should enable independent trades unions to represent migrant workers and enforce the standards DLA Piper called for.

The workers building the World Cup stadiums and downtown Doha have a right to be paid fairly and on time and those who fail to do so should be kicked off of their World Cup contracts and kicked out of Qatar.”


Contact GMB Bert Schouwenburg 07974 251 764 or GMB press office 07921 289880 or 07974 251 823 or ITUC Media Contact  Gemma Swart +32 479 06 41 63 (

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