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Half Staff At Europe's Largest Granite Quarry Face Sack

Friday, July 14, 2017


Oban Earth Works is simply sticking two fingers up at regulations and hard working employees.

More than half of the staff at Europe’s largest quarry are set to be sacked by a Spanish owned contractor.

Glensanda Quarry in Argyll, operated by the global giant Aggregate Industries, has tendered out their excavation and haulage operation at the quarry.

As a result, more than 50% of the former Hargreaves employees are now facing the sack from the new contractor Oban Earth Works.

The remainder of the workforce can look forward to their existing terms and conditions being ripped up with a new set of working patterns and reduced pay.

Many of the current employees have worked at the successful quarry for over 30 years.

GMB Scotland, representing workers at the quarry, says the move may well result in litigation against the incoming company to force them to respect the TUPE Regulations.

However GMB expects a long difficult struggle to establish the workers’ rights.

Gary Cook, GMB Scotland Organiser, said:

“Despite our best efforts Oban Earth Works - the incoming contractor - are not prepared to listen.

“We have been at pains to point out that the employees are protected under the TUPE regulations which protect employees’ jobs and terms and conditions when a contract is transferred to a new employer.

“They are simply sticking two fingers up at the regulations and the hard working employees formerly of Hargreaves.

"This is a terrible time for GMB Scotland members working at the quarry.”


Contact: Gary Cook, GMB Scotland Organiser on 0771 2677594

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