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Rainforest Alliance Must Decertify Banana Plantation

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GMB Call On Rainforest Alliance To Decertify The Tres Hermanas Banana Plantation In Honduras Where Workers’ Are Being Brutalised

During “follow the frog week” the general public can have no faith in the frog logo when Rainforest Alliance put their seal of approval on such a disgraceful employer says GMB

GMB is calling on the Rainforest Alliance to decertify the Tres Hermanas banana plantation in Honduras where workers have been victimised for their trade union activities and where a union official has been forced into exile after being chased by unknown assailants and threatened with death.

GMB is accusing the Rainforest Alliance for misleading the general public as they run“ Follow the Frog Week” this week between September 16th and 20th.

The Rainforest Alliance frog logo can be found on dozens of products in UK shops and supermarkets.

Bert Schouwenburg, GMB International Officer, “The general public can have no faith in the frog logo when Rainforest Alliance put their seal of approval on such a disgraceful employer.

They should immediately de-certify Tres Hermanas until such time as workers are treated properly and their rights to collective bargaining restored.”

According to the Rainforest Alliance’s own standards, it is obligatory for certified companies bearing the frog logo to observe internationally recognised conventions on freedom of association and collective bargaining.

At Tres Hermanas, workers had been dismissed for joining a union, had not been paid the legal minimum wage or the proper overtime rate and health and safety regulations had been ignored.Yet the farms were given the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval.

In support of their colleagues in Honduras, GMB wrote to the Alliance in March of this year and received a reply in which the organisation pledged to mount a full investigation. The workers registered a new union, SINTRAINBA, with the Ministry of Labour on August 15th but the employer has since refused to recognise it and embarked on a vicious campaign to break it.

Rainforest Alliance is fully aware of the abuses committed on the plantations yet opted to renew the company’s certificate in the same month, thus bringing its mark into disrepute. Unless Rainforest Alliance decertify the company the frog logo will be devalued”.


Contact: Bert Schouwenburg on 07974 252 722 or 0207 391 6700

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