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Redundancy at Addison Lee

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Addison Lee Notify Intention To Make Employees Redundant

As soon as the company apply a selection criteria to affected staff GMB members will then be informed if they have been selected for redundancy or not and we will then be in a position to represent all our members at the firm in any move to dismiss them by way of redundancy says GMB.

GMB, the union for professional drivers, has been made notified by GMB members working for private hire firm Addison Lee that the company is considering making redundancies.

The text of a letter shown to GMB from Addison Lee to employees working at the Radio Room Stanhope Street, XDA Support, Fleet, Insurance is shown below.

Addison Lee was bought in April 2013 by The Carlyle Group, global alternative asset manager / private equity firm with $203 billion of assets under management. Founded in the US in 1987. In October 2014 media reports in the FT suggested they were trying to sell it – disrupted because of the uncertainty over the impact Uber is going to have on it.

As well as Addison Lee the Carlyle Group have the following UK companies in their portfolio of investments: Alliance Boots, Brintons Carpets, Dealogic, Discover Exploration, Ensus, Integrated Dental Holdings / Associated Dental Practices, ITRS Group, Multi Packaging Solutions, Nature Delivered and the RAC.

Gary Pearce, GMB Organiser said, “GMB is watching the situation at Addison Lee carefully and will act in support of GMB members working at the company in what is always a very difficult time for people who are about to lose their livelihoods.

The formal processes that govern the redundancy process are there to protect the rights of employees and GMB will ensure that Addison Lee follows the correct procedures. GMB always urges companies to ask first for volunteers as there is often people who find the opportunity of redundancy an attractive option if they want to move on. This takes the pressure people desperately need to keep their jobs.

As soon as the company apply a selection criteria to all affected staff GMB members will then be informed if they have been selected for redundancy or not. GMB will then be in a position to represent all GMB members at the firm in any move to dismiss them by way of redundancy.”

Contact: Gary Pearce, GMB Organiser on 07850 036952 or GMB Press Office 07974 251823.


Notes to Editors:

Text of Letter received by GMB from employees of Addison Lee

RE: Warning of possible redundancies

Further to today’s announcement by our CEO, Liam Griffin. I am writing to advise you that following a companywide review and considering all options; it has become clear that there is a business need to make organisational changes in the workforce, in order to become more efficient and in recognition that staffing levels may be too high in some teams.

Addison Lee is a dynamic organisation and is therefore engaged in an on-going, continuous process of seeking innovation, improvement and reinvestment which will often result in organisational change.

After considering all options, the company has reluctantly acknowledged that there is a risk that we will be unable to continue to provide work for some employees in a number of departments and that regrettably this is likely to result in redundancies.

One of the departments that is at risk is the Radio Room Stanhope Street Department, in which you currently work. You are within a selection pool of twenty (20) staff within the Radio Room/ XDA Support team and it is anticipated that unfortunately the company will have to identify seven (7) individuals from this pool as being at risk of redundancy. This will be done on the basis of objective and quantifiable selection criteria details, and/ or the re-application of your position - further information regarding this will be provided to you in due course. The above pool reflects the Company’s decision to merge the Radio Room Stanhope Street

Department with the XDA Support Department at William Road.
Please be assured that receiving this letter does not mean that you will necessarily be made redundant; whilst you will receive details of the selection criteria which will be applied once the selection process has taken place and/ or the re-application of your position process, you will only receive a further letter explaining the next stage in the process if you have been provisionally selected for redundancy.

The company will be exploring ways of avoiding compulsory redundancies and minimising the number of employees affected. Measures which it may take to avoid redundancies include restrictions on recruitment, offering alternative employment elsewhere within the company. If you have any other suggestions to avoid redundancies please let me know and/or raise this through the consultation process.

As it is anticipated that more than 20 redundancies will occur across the board and in accordance with its legal obligations and its wish to act fairly the company will be entering into collective consultation with elected employee representatives of those employees who may be affected.

The consultation will cover the company’s proposed selection criteria and ways of avoiding or reducing the number of redundancy dismissals and mitigating the consequences of any such dismissals.

As there are currently no appropriate representatives in relation to the affected employees it is necessary to conduct an election process and I enclose the following in order to assist you in this process:-
? Information on the role of an employee representative
? Nomination Form

The employee representative’s term of office will cease 30 days after the end of the consultation process. Further information on the company’s proposals will be provided to elected representatives and all affected employees will be kept informed of the progress on the consultation process.
The purpose of consultation is to discuss:
? the proposals, including the numbers and descriptions of employees at risk
? the reasons for the proposals
? possible ways of avoiding the need for redundancies
? possible ways of reducing the number of employees affected
? the proposed method of selection of employees and the redundancy process
? possible ways of reducing the impact of redundancy on the affected employees
? redundancy packages

Nominations for a representative should be made in writing and nomination papers are enclosed within this letter. You are entitled to discuss your nominations with the individual you are hoping to elect.

The categories of employee representatives are as follows:
1. Representative for:

Radio Room Stanhope Street, XDA Support, Fleet, Insurance
To qualify, a nominee must be an affected employee and be prepared to take on the role of representative for the purpose of consultation in this proposed redundancy consultation, for the job categories affected by the proposals. You will be able to nominate any individual who falls in to the categories and/or departments listed above.

Please fill in your nomination paper and submit your nomination in the silver HR Box situated in the corridor on the 1st Floor by 16:00 on Tuesday 3 February 2015.
After the closing date and selection of appropriate representatives, one to one meetings will be organised with those identified as being at risk of redundancy as soon as possible.
Please feel free to direct any queries about the contents of this letter to me by email on

I would like to thank you for your continued hard work during this difficult time.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Bishop
Head of Human Resources



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