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Remploy More Job Losses

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remploy Announce Possible Sale Of 3 Factories And Closure Of Huddersfield With No Plans Yet For The Other 15

Remploy management has made an announcement that they have a preferred bidder for Blackburn, Neath Port Talbot, Sheffield but Huddersfield will close on 8th August.

GMB, the union for staff at Remploy, responded to a new statement by Remploy on the possible sale of furniture and CCTV business and the implications for Remploy factories in Blackburn, Neath Port Talbot, Sheffield and Huddersfield. See statement in notes to editors below.

Jerry Nelson GMB National Officer for Remploy said “Remploy factories at Blackburn, Neath Port Talbot and Sheffield are subject to an expression of interest from an undisclosed source for the furniture business that these three factories undertake.

In the current and final phase of this Governments plans for the destruction of Remploy, the remaining 15 factories have not yet had formal announcements of expressions of interest, although the joint unions have been told there are some such.

The Huddersfield factory has had no expression of interest. Remploy now set a closure date of 8th August 2013.  Many of our 31 members in Huddersfield are going to struggle in the main. Many will spend a life on benefits after working all their lives and with dignity. 

The whole process of the expressions of interest up to best and final offers being submitted is shrouded in secrecy at the insistence of the DWP legal advisors and there consultants, KPMG.

The process is a sham that leaves all Remploy workers worried and upset, being kept in the dark about their future till the very last minute. This is typical of this government led by the upper class spoilt brats that they are. They are destroying people’s lives with the stroke of a pen with absolutely no consideration for the damage they inflict upon people’s lives”


Contact: Jerry Nelson 07958 156 846 or  Bob McNeill 07961 761 806 or 01924 88 32255 or James Stribley Remploy Sheffield (convenor) GMB Remploy branch secretary on 07525 136396 or 07902130043 or 01142543958 or Les Woodward 07977 436 251.  GMB press Office 07921 289 880

Notes to editors

Statement by Remploy


Following the announcement that Government subsidy for Remploy’s Enterprise Businesses would be withdrawn by September 2013, a sale process was put in place as a means of avoiding compulsory redundancies where possible.

Remploy has today announced the results of the latest stage in the sale process for its Furniture and CCTV businesses.

On 28 March Remploy confirmed that a viable bid, or bids had been received for its Furniture and CCTV businesses and that its sale agent KPMG was continuing discussions with bidders for these businesses. Bidders were invited to submit their Best and Final Offers by 29 April.

The Best and Final Offers received have now been considered and assessed against a range of criteria including the continued employment of disabled people, sustainability of the businesses and value for money.

The Remploy Board has today informed employees that viable best and final offers have been received for both the Furniture and CCTV Businesses and that preferred bidders have now been identified.

The Board has instructed KPMG to proceed to detailed negotiations on the sale of both businesses with the preferred bidders.

While this is an encouraging step toward protecting jobs we cannot guarantee that that it will be possible to complete transactions or how many jobs will be preserved, and all employees in the Furniture and CCTV Businesses remain at risk of redundancy.

Remploy and KPMG will work closely with preferred bidders for the Furniture and CCTV businesses with the aim of completing any possible transactions by mid-June.



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