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'Revolving Door' Ofsted Scandal

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Luke Tryl now heads up watchdog despite hosting BNP's Nick Griffin and Holocaust-denying racist David Irving at Oxford Uni.

The new Ofsted boss is a former Tory spad who one hosted former BNP leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust-denying racist David Irving, GMB says.

GMB, the union for education support staff, has slammed the watchdog's appointment of the controversial Conservative political adviser Luke Tryl [1] to the plush £90,000 director role.

In 2007 Tryl, a former adviser to ex-Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, invited Nick Griffin and the notorious Holocaust denier David Irving to speak at the Oxford Union, where he was president. [3]

Irving is currently the subject of a major film - 'Denial' - which charts his failed libel action against an American academic who had accused him of denying the Holocaust.

The new role was advertised on a £90k salary [2] - over five times the average wage for a teaching assistant.

Rehana Azam, GMB's National Secretary for Public Services, said:

"This political appointment undermines Ofsted's role as an impartial body and looks like the latest example of a revolving door culture that looks after a chosen few while millions of public sector workers have had their wages slashed in real terms.

"There are now important questions to be raised about how this decision was taken.

"How can Ofsted look schools in the eye over radicalisation when their own director has provided platform to racists like Nick Griffin and David Irving?

"Ordinary school workers who have seen their wages unfairly squeezed will struggle to see how this can be justified.

"Once again it looks like it's one rule for a favoured few, and another for everyone else."


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Notes to editors:

[1] It was announced this morning (19/01/2017) that Luke Tryl, former Special Political Adviser to Nicky Morgan, has been appointed as Director of Corporate Strategy at Ofsted:

[2] The role was advertised as having as £90,000 annual salary

[3] In 2007 when Luke Tryl was president of the Oxford Union he controversially invited  the then leader of the BNP Nick Griffin and the Holocaust denier David Irving to speak at a debate on the freedom of speech:

Picture of Nicky Morgan by Policy Exchange used under creative commons:

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