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School Staff Fears Over Knife Crime

Friday, September 27, 2013

GMB To Meet Members Today 27th September In Saltley School Birmingham Over Health & Safety Fears

Members have contacted the union as a result of the recent vote by teachers of the NASUWT to stop teaching the pupil concerned says GMB.

Officers from GMB, the union for school staff, are meeting members in Saltley School today (Friday 27 September 2013) over health and safety fears that have come to light over knife crime. See notes to editors for report on BBC on the issue.

Gill Whittaker, GMB Organiser said “GMB will meet with members to discuss their concerns and what action if any they wish to take.

School support staff have fears of a repeat incident happening within the school and fear for their safety and that of the pupils. They are also concerned that no action has been taken and the pupil concerned has been allowed back into school.

Our ultimate priority is for the health and safety of our members and the pupils they are responsible for at the school. Our members have contacted us as a result of the recent vote by teachers of the NASUWT to stop teaching the pupil concerned.

This has raised legitimate concerns from our members over their roles and responsibilities within the school in their day to day jobs. We are ultimately seeking assurance from the school that none of our members and pupils will be placed at risk.”

Knife crime on school children has risen within the Birmingham area. There have been several incidents recently; a school girl killed on a bus on her way to school, a boy being stabbed on his first day back at school.

If knife crime is not taken seriously and no action is taken where does this leave our members and the families of victims?”


Contact: Gill Whittaker on 07850 768351 or Samantha Jones on 0121 550 4888.  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251 823

Notes to editors:

See copy of report on BBC

Saltley School staff stop teaching knife pupil

 The NASUWT has said staff would continue to teach other classes. Teachers have stopped teaching a pupil who was allowed to return to a school by governors, after being expelled for threatening children with a knife.

Teaching union NASUWT said it hoped to have further talks with Saltley School in Birmingham after staff voted to stop teaching the youngster.

Police said they took no further action after an incident involving a pupil and a knife on 22 May.

School head teacher Balwant Bains has declined to comment on the action.

Mr Bains has previously said he has "total confidence in the safety of staff and pupils".

NASUWT said staff had voted to stop teaching the youngster from Friday, but would continue to teach other classes.


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