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School Support Staff Sacking In Wandsworth

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

7 Redundancies Of School Support Staff And Possible Teacher Cuts Due To Drop In Funding At Ark Putney

ARK opening a new free school in Battersea, leading to a “rob Peter to pay Paul” situation, giving rise to these job losses was predicted and predictable says GMB

GMB, the union for school support staff, has been advised that 7 support staff will be made redundant at Ark Academy in Putney (formerly Elliot School). This is over 25% of support staff. Members of GMB, Unison and ATL are affected.

Paul Maloney, GMB Regional Secretary, said “GMB has warned since 2010 that the combination of ARK and Wandsworth Council is a total menace for public funding of education provision in Wandsworth.

It is the development of free schools and academies in certain parts of the borough has led to this situation of job losses for school support staff at ARK Putney. Rumours of a curriculum rewrite to allow teacher redundancies from January are rife in the school.

The reason given for these latest redundancies is that funding to Ark Putney has to be cut by over £750,000 due to numbers at the school being less than projected.

ARK recently opened the Bolingbroke School in Wandsworth at a total cost of £30m. This has 120 students in year 7 and 120 in year 8.

If those students were attending ARK Putney rather than ARK Battersea Free School there would have no financial difficulty at the Putney school.

That ARK opening a new free school in Battersea would lead to a “rob Peter to pay Paul” situation was predicted and predictable.

This is the fifth such restructuring at the Putney school in as many years. All the staff have worked extremely hard in trying circumstances over the last few years to take the school out of special measures, move the school into temporary accommodation and raise exam results. For their efforts they get a kick in the teeth.”


Contact:  Paul Maloney 07801 343839 or Kieron Merrett 07866 441656 or GMB press office 07921 289880 or Carmel Pollen on 07946 172461 in Wandsworth.

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