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Schools 'Robbed' of £384Million

Friday, January 27, 2017

Union slams treasury decision to ‘claw back’ money promised to schools facing huge cuts.

GMB, the union for school support staff, has slammed a Government decision to take back £384million of funding promised to cash strapped schools.

A total of £500million of funding for schools was announced last year by then Chancellor George Osborne as part of a plan to force all schools to become academies. [1]

Now the Department for Education has revealed that when the failed academy plan was ditched, the Treasury took back most of this extra funding.

GMB says this ‘robbery’ of schools is particularly abhorrent at a time when they are facing cuts of up to £1,000 per pupil. [2]

Sharon Wilde, GMB National Schools Organiser, said:

“For the Government to try and claw back hundreds of millions of pounds promised to our schools is tantamount to robbery.

“The Tories are already crushing our schools into the ground and ruining our children’s futures – not to mention undermining our hard-working schools support staff through their self-defeating budget cuts.

“But now to take away £384million schools had been promised is particularly abhorrent.

“If the treasury insists on redistributing this this cash, it should be given to our poorest, forgotten’ schools. “[3]


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