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Sellafield Expenses

Sunday, September 8, 2013

GMB Seek Public Accounts Committee Inquiry Into Audit Report On Expenses By Nuclear Executives At Sellafield

Privatisation at Sellafield has been a disaster and the NMP contract there must end and NDA must stop the competition to outsource the Magnox sites to private contractors says GMB.

GMB ,the union for workers in the nuclear industry, responded to the media reports that an internal NDA audit had found problems with expenses claimed by Sellafield Executive team seconded from Nuclear Management Partners NMP on a contract for the NDA. See notes to editors for some examples highlighted by the audit.

Billy Coates GMB Regional Secretary for Northern Region, speaking from TUC Congress in Bournemouth said “GMB want an immediate investigation by the Public Accounts Committee into the use of taxpayer’s money on expenses claimed by executives at Sellafield Ltd who are seconded from NMP.

Privatisation at Sellafield has been a disaster and the NMP contract there must end.

The NDA must also stop the competition to outsource the Magnox sites to private contractors.

It is essential that Government come forward with a proper strategy for nuclear power in Britain.”


Billy Coates 07870 176734 or Gary Smith GMB National Secretary 07710 618909.  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251 823

Notes to editors

Examples of type of claims made by Sellafield Executive in support of Internal Audit report findings

A - Buying ‘drinks’ at various locations such as Whitehaven Golf Club, Hunday Manor, etc.

Examples (15/05/12 - £4.45; 16/05/12 - £7.30; 14/05/12 - £18.00; 29/07/12 – £3.80; 14/09/12 - £20.50 + £23.10 + £21.25. and the cost of a ‘table’ at a Business Excellence Dinner £3,075.85

B- Overnight conference in Armathwaite Hall Country House Hotel and Spa, Cumbria for SL Exec and NDA staff, at a total cost of £9500.

C - Approximately £2,700 on several personal use items in July and August not repaid until October.

D - B30 NMP Review at Zest £493

E- Evening Dinner at Trout £260 (no guests specified)

F- Apple Computer £2,316 + Plus 2 Styluses for IPad and download from ITunes £8.50 (CR - computer receipt photocopied).

G - Charter Auto’s – repatriation for not named and the cat £714

H - £4,050 Chambers Flights to Phoenix cancelled. Only partial refund obtained resulting in a financial loss of £2,665.11.

I - Flights £2,795 for visit to Savanah River and the US Masters in Augusta.

J- Multitude of ‘Charterautos’ bookings from various airports and the Warrington office to Sellafield site >circa £250/journey

K - Flights to USA for ‘Reachback’ Visit 27 Jan to 5 Feb (2 persons) £6,123

plus Emergency flight from USA to UK £3,995.40 (01/02/10) plus £719 spent on Amazon, without receipts and without any description provided. Coded to advertising.

L- Relocation expenses. Sofa for Living Room at £1,657 and £2,620 for Bedroom Furniture.

M – All relevant claim support detail missing from all claims by made by one person ie no type of expenditure or justification only a total amount.

N - from the train travel this person ‘appears’ to have based therefore when travels to Sellafield there are additional accommodation charges incurred ?

O - Dinner at the Waterfront for £864.50 with US Department of Energy Representatives. Partial reimbursement for incorrect amount, stated £150 would be reimbursed, $150 reimbursed. No mention of how amount was calculated.

P - Dinner in France at £82/head. Receipts do not tie in with description for meal for instance, the number of diners on the receipt was lower than the numbers detailed on the claim form.

Q - £100 spent on taxi from home to Whitehaven to attend dinner with NMP staff and SL directors

R - Numerous examples of expenses claimed for obtaining UK Visa’s, ‘Premium Service’ travel and accommodation, driving test books/DVD’s, driving lessons and driving test costs.

S - Numerous examples of claims for non alcoholic refreshments, newspapers and other ‘incidentals’ whilst also claiming a daily PIE allowance (personal incidental expenses) of £5 for UK or £10 abroad


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