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GMB Sellafield Firefighters Strike

Monday, January 22, 2018


This is the first time Sellafield Firefighters have been involved in an industrial dispute which shows the depth of their feeling and despair says GMB.

GMB, the union for Sellafield firefighters, has announced a 12 hour strike tomorrow [January 22, 2018] in a long running dispute in relation to the pay at Sellafield Nuclear Plant in West Cumbria.

The firefighters will take industrial action from 06.00 hrs until 18.00 hrs.

The strikes are the latest in the long-running dispute between the firefighters and Sellafield management. [See previous press releases for history of the dispute].

The job done by firefighters at Sellafield has been re-evaluated by three separate individual professionals, all recommending an increase, but Sellafield management have repeatedly ignored the work they commissioned. [1]

The firefighters do a difficult and dangerous job, acting as paramedics for the site alongside their role in responding to fires.

Negotiations have taken place to try and resolve matters since this dispute arose in the summer of 2017 resulting in an offer from Sellafield management of just £4.30 extra per week to provide back up support to the police and the military in the event of a terrorist attack or other catastrophic incident.

Previous strike dates were called, then suspended to allow for talks however these proved fruitless and the strike went ahead in October on two separate days. [2]

Chris Jukes, GMB Senior Organiser, said:

"We acknowledge Sellafield has made a new offer in December including on an allowance related to security and terrorism called a Marauding Terrorism Allownace, but it falls short of expectations and view expressed in negotiations.

"It seems that there needs to be a resolve to settle this dispute and make a further improved offer.

“The two sides are not miles apart, but it seems that there needs to be further local negotiations to reach a settled position.

"This is ultimately in the gift of Sellafield Ltd.

“GMB has said over and over again that it is willing to negotiate for as long as it takes to reach some kind of offer that is capable of potentially reaching a resolution to this dispute, even in the short term.

“We have also reiterated time and again our firefighters do not want to strike, it is not in their nature and indeed this is the first time Sellafield Firefighters have been involved in an industrial dispute.

"That shows in itself the depth of feeling and despair.

“We hope was can still reach a negotiated position with Sellafield - even at this late stage.

“But Sellafield has to be prepared to talk for as long as it takes to settle this; GMB has made that commitment."


Contact: Chris Jukes on 07870 176733 or GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or at

Notes to editors:


Firefighters’ job has been re-evaluated by three separate individual professionals, all recommending an increase in pay, but Sellafield management have repeatedly ignored the work they commissioned says GMB.

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