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24 Sept Walsall Care Home Protest

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GMB Protest On Thursday 24th September In Walsall Over Withdrawal Of Workers Rights By New Owners At Rushall Care Home

While Navigation Care refuses to talk to union in private we will do all our business with them in public in future says GMB.

GMB, the union for workers in the care sector, will hold a protest demonstration outside Rushall Care Home in Walsall on Thursday 24th September over proposals by new owners to deny workers in the care home the right at work they currently enjoy.

Navigation Care, the new owners of Rushall Care Home, has announced that it is to end private consultations and negotiation with GMB on behalf of staff in the care home who belong to the union.

As part of the demonstration Navigation Care will be presented with an ASBO in protest at their withdrawal of the rights of their staff to be represented by GMB.

The details of the protest are as follows:

7.30am to 8.30am Thursday 24th Sept,

Outside Rushall Care Home,

204 Lichfield Road



There will be members of the union with flags and banners and an ASBO to present to managers.

Ester Compton, GMB Organiser, said “GMB is doing a lot of work lobbying politicians and gaining public support for GMB Charter for Care Sector Workers, which calls for more funding to a sector that looks after the most vulnerable people in society. 

We believe that it is important that we get proper funding into the sector to ensure that staff are trained and supported in a meaningful and safe way.

GMB has always prided itself as working with care providers to help deliver the best quality of care. This includes making sure the staff are being taken care of so that they, in turn, can take care of the residents safely without incident. 

Rushall Care home was previously owned by Four Seasons and GMB had a good working relationship the company. This helped to deliver better conditions for care workers and better support for residents. However, Navigation Care has taken over the home and is trying to throw all that good work away.

Navigation Care is refusing to talk in private with GMB on business matters for some of the most vulnerable residents and for low paid workers. This is why we are presenting them with an ASBO.

While Navigation Care refuses to talk to GMB we will do all our business with them in public in future.”


Contact: Ester Compton, GMB Organiser on 01827 66001 or Samantha Jones, Media/Researcher on 0121 550 4888 or GMB press office 07921 289880 or 07974 251 823.

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